S.O.L.I.D Principles in Dart

S.O.L.I.D Principles in Dart

Become a better developer by using S.O.L.I.D principles…..

It’s an acronym for 5 design principles for writing code which is maintainable, scalable and easier to understand. These principles are given by Bob. C Martin (uncle bob) more familiar to the developer world.

Things To Understand Firstly :

What Problem these S.O.L.I.D principles solved?

  1. working with the legacy code.
  2. Re-reading the code multiple times to get to the part you need to change
  3. Hard to understand what the method does. jumping multiple methods of the same name
  4. spending a lot more time to fix a minor bug

Basically, we spend a lot more time reading than writing code.

1. Single Responsibility principle

As it’s clear from its name single responsible. A class should only be responsible for one thing that means a class could change for only one reason.

Let’s first see the bad practise in which maintenance is not pleasant. Because of all the things in one single place validation, getRequest, painting.

class Result

  checkResult(int rollno)
    bool isRollnoValidate = isRollnovalidate();

      ResultModel resultModel = searchResult();
      return "Invalid rollno";



    return true;
// get request
    // return result;
 showResult(ResultModel model)
    // show result in pleasant way 


class ResultModel


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