Redux mapStateToProps call only once

Redux mapStateToProps call only once



It's been 2 days that I'm stuck with an issue implementing redux in my react native application. I checked many topics but I can't fix my problem.

The problem is that mapStateToProps is called only once but it's not called anymore after executing action. My reducer is called but the state is not updating.

I test my work on android with android studio and emulator.

Here is my code :


  <Provider store={createStore(reducers)}>
         <MainScreen />


export default (state = INITIAL_STATE, action) => {
  switch (action.type) {
    case SET_HEADER:
      return action.payload;
      return state;



import { combineReducers } from 'redux';
import HeaderReducer from './HeaderReducer';

export default combineReducers({ headerText: HeaderReducer, });


export const SET_HEADER = 'set_header';

export const setHeaderText = (title) => { return { type: SET_HEADER, payload: title, }; };


import * as actions from '../actions';

... <Text> {this.props.headerText} </Text> <Button onPress={() => { this.props.setHeaderText(screen: ${SELECTED_PAGE.profile}); this.forceUpdate(); }} >


const mapStateToProps = (state) => { const { headerText } = state; return { headerText }; };

export default connect(mapStateToProps, actions)(MainScreen);

I know that I don't need to forceUpdate in the onPress callback but it's just to check the state after call the function.

So when the application start the reducers are called and my mapStateToProps is working. But when I click on my button, my reducers are called, the good action is executed in the switch but my mapStateToProps is not called anymore. When I click a second time if I console.log the state in my reducer I can see that the state is not updated but stay the same than the INITIAL_STATE.

I don't mutate the state in my reducers, I connected everything in my MainScreen.js and I wrapped my app in Provider with store.

I follow a tutorial on Udemy to implement reduc in my app and even I check the code of the tuto on github, I can't find out where the issue is from (

I think I miss something really obvious but I can't find out what's wrong since 2 days :/

If someone can help, I would appreciate :)


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