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Custom Google Map Markers In Flutter

Flutter developers favor Google Maps for their application since they give native execution to android and iOS both. It permits us to carry out the code one time and license them to run the code for the two devices android and iOS. Google Maps Flutter module is given in the Google Map widget that upholds initialCameraPosition, maptype and onMapCreated. We can set the situation of the camera and marker in any put on the earth. We can plan the marker as per our decision. It additionally accompanies a zoom property in a cameraposition to give the zooming in google map see on the underlying page.

In flutter, we display a custom marker (icon) in GoogleMap(), which displays an icon and text according to a destination location in our application, which will usually display the location with a custom image.

In this article, we will show how to apply GoogleMaps in a flutter. Along with that, we will see how to use a custom icon for a map marker. so let’s get started.

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Custom Google Map Markers


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Custom Google Map Markers In Flutter