Ansible, Terraform Excel Among Site Reliability Engineers, DevOps

Ansible, Terraform Excel Among Site Reliability Engineers, DevOps

The StackOverflow survey did not ask about many other infrastructure-as-code tools, with AWS CloudFormation, Helm, and SaltStack noticeably missing from the questionnaire. These and other tools native to other cloud platforms will be included in The New Stack’s reporting about the viability of multicloud programmable infrastructure.

Almost three-quarters of Chef users in the 2020  StackOverflow survey don’t want to use it next year. Only IBM DB2, VBA and a couple of other technologies are as “dreaded” in the industry. Puppet’s outlook isn’t that much better.

Over the last several years, Red Hat’s  Ansible and now HashiCorp’s  Terraform have risen to become two of the top tools used to deploy infrastructure as code. Ansible and Terraform are used by a third of the survey participants that describe site reliability engineering as one of their job roles. Many site reliability engineers (SREs) are clamoring to use Terraform in the upcoming year, while the other three tools are set for declines.

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