The future of web development on Apple Silicon

The future of web development on Apple Silicon

Apple's M1 chip seems like the next big thing. Let's see what it means for web development... 🤔 #apple #applem1 #arm #javascript #frontend #backend #software #webdevelopment #webdev

As you're most likely know if you're even so slightly interested in tech, Apple recently announced and released new Macs - Mac Mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13" - powered by their own "Apple Silicon" ARM processor called M1.

Tech media went crazy about this - and for a good reason. It truly is a huge step not only for Apple but potentially the personal computing industry as a whole.

But it's web development we're talking about here and that's why today, I'd like to take a bit deeper dive into Apple's M1 chip from a perspective of a web developer. We'll touch on the general implication of M1 but focus mostly on the performancedevelopment experience, and software compatibility that you can expect from these new machines. Let's dive in!

Apple M1 chip

First, a primer on what M1 really is, why it's so, dare I say, revolutionary, and how it came to be.

Basically, it's a chip specifically designed by Apple, that implements the ARM instruction set, instead of the x86 that's so common across PCs, and prior Macs. Neither ARM nor custom Apple chips are anything new. In fact, ARM is the architecture of mobile devices, and Apple chips implementing it have been powering iPhonesiPads, and other mobile Apple devices for years now.

It's thanks to these prior uses of ARM by Apple that we could set our expectations high when the transition was announced at WWDC 2020. iPhones and iPads have been leading in performance benchmarks for quite a while now, thanks to tight hardware-software integration, but also the raw power of Apple's chips. So, when the company announced it'll be bringing the same technological prowess to the Macs, things started to look interesting.

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