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Kiera Smart


Next.js 10's New Image Component

In this video we’ll take a look at the new Image component in Next.js 10 that does automatic image optimization. We’ll cover the 4 different layout options and talk about how they differ and when to use them.

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Image Optimization:
Image Component:
Starter Code:
Finished Code:

---------- Timeline

  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 01:00 - Fixed Layout
  • 04:00 - Intrinsic Layout
  • 05:40 - Responsive Layout
  • 08:30 - Fill Layout
  • 11:30 - Loaders

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Next.js 10's New Image Component

John Smith


PHP Crop Image While Uploading with Cropper JS

Are you looking for tutorial on How to Crop image before uploading of image when user has click on Upload button. How to get the Cropped image in PHP and upload to server. If yes, the you have find the right web page, this is because in this tutorial we have step by step descript how to implement Cropper.js jQuery plugin for crop image and then after upload on to server using PHP script with Ajax. In this tutorial we have use Cropper.js javascript library for crop image and for upload image we have use Ajax which will send cropped image data to php script for upload on to server. In this post you can find complete source code with video tutorial also.

For more information -

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Eva  Murphy

Eva Murphy


Google analytics Setup with Next JS, React JS using Router Events - 14

In this video, we are going to implement Google Analytics to our Next JS application. Tracking page views of an application is very important.

Google analytics will allow us to track analytics information.

App link:

You can find me on:

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Node JS Resize Image Before Upload Example

Resize image before upload using multer, sharp with node js and express js. In this node js tutorial, you will learn how to resize image before upload using multer, sharp with node js and express js.

Image upload is the basic requirement of any application. So this example will guide you step by step on how to resize image before upload using multer in node js. And you can understand a concept of node js compress image before upload.

Node Express Resize Image Before Upload Tutorial Example

Step 1 - Create Node JS App

Step 2 - Install Express and Multer Dependencies

Step 3 - Import Dependencies in Server.js File

Step 4 - Create Server.js File

Step 5 - Create Form

Step 6 - Run Development Server

#how to upload multiple image in node js #resize image in nodejs #image processing in node js #node js image upload resize

How to Use Next.js 10’s New Image Component

Are Next.js 10’s built-in image component and automatic image optimization an alternative to Gatsby images?

Since version 10.0.0, Next.js has a built-in Image component and automatic image optimization.

The image component, next/image, is an extension of the HTML <img> element that has been evolved for the modern web.

What Does next/image Do Under the Hood?

  1. Automatically serves the images in modern image formats like WebP, which is about 30% smaller than JPEG, if the browser supports it.
  2. Optimize images on demand. Build time won’t change.
  3. Lazy-load the image inside the page only when a certain threshold is reached while scrolling the viewport.
  4. You can decide to use it with Vercel’s internal CDN or other providers like Cloudinary or Akamai.
  5. You can specify different image sizes for different and custom resolutions to be used dynamically.
  6. Automatically changes the quality of the photo to a lower threshold set to 75%. This can be changed for each invocation.

How Can You Use It?

First, you will need to be running Next version 10+:

npm install next@latest react@latest react-dom@latest

Or if you use yarn:

yarn add next@latest react@latest react-dom@latest

How Do I Use It in Practice?

This example page will be converted from the usual img tag:

function Home() {
  return (
      <h1>My Homepage</h1>
        className="m-2 w-10 sm:w-20 self-center"                                          
        alt="Picture of the author"
      <p>Welcome to my homepage!</p>

export default Home

Converted to the new 'next/image' format:

import Image from 'next/image'

function Home() {
  return (
      <h1>My Homepage</h1>
      <div className="m-2 w-10 sm:w-20 self-center">
            alt="Picture of the author"
      <p>Welcome to my homepage!</p>

export default Home

Move the className outside the Image tag!

You will need to move the className outside of your old img tag due to the changes that Next’s new image component will make at runtime to your resulting HTML code. By moving your classes to an outer element, every style will be applied to your image.

Required props!

You will need to always pass width and height. These props are required, and if you don’t pass them, you will need to pass layout="fill".

Layout types

There are four different types of layout values you can use (the default is intrinsic):

  • fixed — The image dimensions will not change as the viewport changes (no responsiveness).
  • intrinsic — The image will scale the dimensions down for smaller viewports but maintain the original dimensions for larger viewports.
  • responsive — The image will scale the dimensions down for smaller viewports and scale up for larger viewports.
  • fill — The image will stretch both width and height to the dimensions of the parent element.

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Mery tris



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