5 Vue UI Component Libraries for 2020

5 Vue UI Component Libraries for 2020

In this article we gathered 5 UI component libraries that represent the development trend in 2020, based on user reviews on Github

Based on user reviews on Github, we gathered 5 UI component libraries that represent the development trend in 2020.

1. Vuetify

This 23K stars popular library provides over 80 Vue.js components implemented according to Google’s material design guidelines. Vuetify supports all modern browsers, including IE11 and Safari 9+ (using polyfills). Easily customizable with SASS variables and vue-cli-plugin-vuetify.


Github Stars: 23k+

Official Website

Github Page

2. vux

At over 16K stars, Vux is a popular community library is based on WeUI and Vue 2.0. VUX is not a project maintained by a large team. There is no donation. It is purely enthusiastic. The maintainer has the right to decide when and what problems to deal with. Be extremely cautious when entering the pit.


Github Stars: 16k+

Official Website

Github Page

3. Mint UI

Mint UI is a lightweight Vue UI component library that is based on the Babel JavaScript compiler. The small size of this package makes it suitable for use in mobile applications. Mint UI provides an iOS-like theme for the components of your application. Here is a demo of the Mint UI components.

Mint UI has over 15k stars on GitHub. Development on the framework is still going on in full swing, with new commits to the master branch in mid January. However, a quick glance at the issue tracker on GitHub will tell you that Mint UI caters to Chinese developers most of all.

Mint UI

Github Stars: 15k+

Official Website

Github Page

4. Ant Vue Design

At over 9k stars, Ant Vue Design is an enterprise-class UI design system for desktop applications and provides a set of high-quality Vue components out of the box.

Ant Vue Design

Github Stars: 9k+

Official Website

Github Page

5. Muse-UI

Muse UI has more than 40 UI components, to adapt to different business environment. Muse UI custom themes way is very elegant, only a small amount of code to complete the custom theme style. Muse UI based on Vuejs, Vuejs is one of the fastest the front framework, friendly API can be used to develop complex single page of the application


Github Stars: 8k+

Official Website

Github Page

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