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Blazor vs Angular for Web Developers

A comparison of Blazor and Angular when it comes to modern web development—a review of the pros and cons. Does Blazor stack up?

Blazor WebAssembly has landed, and brings the possibility of writing modern web applications using C#, but how does it stack up compared to the other, more established options for building “modern” web applications, such as Angular?

Today we’ll take a good look at Blazor and see how it stacks up against Angular.

Note: Interested in how Blazor stacks up against React instead? Check out a comparison of Blazor and React here.

Specifically, we’ll explore how the following aspects work (for both Blazor and Angular):

  • Getting started
  • Building the UI
  • Passing data between components
  • Handling forms
  • Routing
  • Fetching data from an API
  • Pros and cons of each

Before we dig in, it’s worth noting this article focuses on Blazor WASM, which runs in the browser using WebAssembly. That said, many of the points are equally valid if you’re looking at using Blazor Server instead.

Angular—The Two-Minute Overview

Angular is a JavaScript framework which enables you to run client web applications in the browser, but also create native (mobile) and desktop apps.

Broadly speaking, your Angular app will consist of lots of components, written using JavaScript (or TypeScript) and decorated with something Angular refers to as “directives” to handle things like binding your markup (HTML) to data.

The code you write with Angular cannot run directly in the browser, so you need a compiler to transform your code into something the browser can run.

Since Angular 9, the default option is to use the “Ahead-of-time compiler” to transform your code into efficient JavaScript as part of a build/publish process. The browser can then download and run this compiled JavaScript code.

Alternatively, you can use the “Just-in-time compiler” to compile your app in the browser at runtime.

When a user accesses your Angular application, the browser’s JavaScript engine kicks in to execute your application’s code.

How Does Blazor Compare?

Blazor is also a framework that enables you to build client web applications that run in the browser, but using C## instead of TypeScript.

When you create a new Blazor app it arrives with a few carefully selected packages (the essentials needed to make everything work) and you can install additional packages using NuGet.

From here, you build your app as a series of components, using the Razor markup language, with your UI logic written using C#.

The browser can’t run C## code directly, so just like the Angular AOT approach you’ll lean on the C## compiler to compile your C## and Razor code into a series of .dll files.

To publish your app, you can use dot net’s built-in publish command, which bundles up your application into a number of files (HTML, CSS, JavaScript and DLLs), which can then be published to any web server that can serve static files.

When a user accesses your Blazor WASM application, a Blazor JavaScript file takes over, which downloads the .NET runtime, your application and its dependencies before running your app using WebAssembly.

Blazor then takes care of updating the DOM, rendering elements and forwarding events (such as button clicks) to your application code.

Creating a New Angular App

Angular has its own CLI for creating projects and generating application code.

You can install it using Yarn or npm.

npm install -g @angular/cli


Spinning up a new app is a case of running this command.

ng new my-app


The CLI gives you a few options at this point, specifically asking whether you want to include Angular Routing and which stylesheet format you want (CSS, SCSS etc.).

Angular CLI add component questions

Then you can run your app using this command.

ng serve


Creating a New Blazor App

For Blazor, you can use Visual Studio or the .NET Core CLI (which is included with the .NET Core SDK).

dotnet new blazorwasm
cd blazorwasm
dotnet run


You have a few other options, like the ability to include infrastructure for authenticating users, and whether to host your Blazor app in an ASP.NET web application, but the command above is the simplest option to get started.

Building Your UI with Angular

Angular adopts a component approach to building your UI.

For example, let’s create a simple Hello World component which lets the user enter their name for a more personalized greeting.

You can use the Angular CLI to generate a new component.

ng generate HelloWorld


This gives you four files:

  • hello-world.component.css
  • hello-world.component.html
  • hello-world.component.spec.ts
  • hello-world.component.ts

By default Angular leans quite heavily on TypeScript, which then gets compiled to regular JavaScript to run in the browser.

We can build a simple Hello World UI…


<label>What's your name?
  <input (keyup)="onKey($event)" placeholder="name"/>
<span>Hello {{name}}</span>


This is a mix of standard HTML and Angular syntax to handle DOM events and display data.

(keyup)="onKey($event)" directs Angular to invoke an onKey function every time the user types something into the text input.

{{name}} uses Angular’s interpolation syntax {{ }} to render the current value of a name field, which is declared in the corresponding hello-world.component.ts file.


import { Component, OnInit } from '@angular/core';

  selector: 'app-hello-world',
  templateUrl: './hello-world.component.html',
  styleUrls: ['./hello-world.component.css']
export class HelloWorldComponent implements OnInit {
  name = '';

  ngOnInit(): void {

  onKey(event: any) {
    this.name = event.target.value;


You can see there’s a bit of boilerplate code here.

We have the @Component declaration which tells Angular how we’ll reference this component from other components (the selector), where its UI markup (HTML) and styles (CSS) live.

Then follows a TypeScript class called HelloWorldComponent which houses our main component logic.

This class implements OnInit from the Angular core library which, in turn, requires us to implement an ngOnInit method in our class.

Finally, we have the name field we’re using to store the entered name, and the onKey function that will be invoked as our users type something into the text input.

To view this component, we need to render it somewhere in our application, which we can do using the selector we defined earlier.

<h1>A brief introduction to Angular</h1>



With all that in place (and sticking to Angular’s “out of the box” default styles) we get a functional, if slightly bland looking, personalized greeting!

Angular example showing how typing a name changes the greeting

In summary, an Angular UI:

  • Comprises one or more components
  • Is typically written using TypeScript or JavaScript and special Angular directives
  • Runs on the browser’s JavaScript engine

Building Your UI with Blazor

Blazor adopts a very similar approach to Angular in that you build your UI using components, but you get to use Razor and C## (instead of Angular directives and JavaScript) to write your markup and UI logic.


<label>What's your name?</label>
<input type="text" @bind-value="Name" @bind-value:event="oninput" placeholder="Bob"/>
<span>Hello @Name</span>

@code {
    public string Name { get; set; }


This operates exactly the same way as the Angular example when you run it in the browser.

We’ve got roughly similar markup, but this time we have used Blazor’s @bind syntax to bind our input to a property called Name.

When the user enters their name, the Name property will be updated with the value they enter.

By default Blazor would update the value of Name on blur (when we clicked out of the text input) so we’ve added @bind-value:event="oninput" to make it update the property as soon as we start typing.

As with Angular, you’re now free to render this component wherever (and as often as) you like.

    A brief introduction to Blazor...

<Greeting />


Blazor example showing how typing in a name changes the greeting

In summary, a Blazor UI:

  • Comprises one or more components
  • Is written using Razor and C## (which takes your markup and data, and combines them together)
  • Runs on WebAssembly in the browser

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Blazor vs Angular for Web Developers

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