Maintaining an Open Source Project, from Handling Issues to Releases

Maintaining an Open Source Project, from Handling Issues to Releases

A 1 hour live demo that uses various git commands, Travis-CI and GitHub features to fix a bug and push a new release.

This video walks through a real use case where someone submit a bug report in one of my most popular open source projects, which is an Ansible role to install Docker and Docker Compose on Debian / Ubuntu.

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This entry-level guide will tell you why and how to Dockerize your WordPress projects.

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We can get a list of all containers in docker using `docker container list` or `docker ps` commands.

How to Use Ansible to Install and Set Up Docker on Ubuntu 18.04

This Docker tutorial explains how to use Ansible to automate the steps contained in our guide on How To Install and Use Docker on Ubuntu 18.04. How to use Ansible to automate the process of installing and setting up Docker on a remote server. What Does this Playbook Do? Install aptitude, which is preferred by Ansible as an alternative to the apt package manager. Install the Docker GPG APT key. Add the official Docker repository to the apt sources. Install Docker. Install the Python Docker module via pip.

Ansible Tutorial for Beginners - What is Ansible?

In this Ansible Tutorial I explain what is Ansible, how Ansible works and why to use Ansible for automating IT tasks. Ansible is an automation tool for IT tasks. In this Ansible Tutorial for Beginners, I explain examples of various IT tasks and how Ansible helps automate them to make daily DevOps tasks more efficient and less time consuming. 🙌🏼

What the hack is Docker? ( Introduction to Docker )

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