How to Set Up Your Mac for Web Development in 2021

How to Set Up Your Mac for Web Development in 2021

How to Set Up Your Mac for Web Development in 2021. A guide to getting your Macbook ready for web development — tools, shortcuts, accessories, tips and tricks, and more. Mac OS Applications - These are the Mac OS on my applications I recommend.

A guide to getting your Macbook ready for web development — tools, shortcuts, accessories, tips and tricks, and more

Every now and then, I look for guides like this one to see what other people are using — I almost always learn something new that makes my life as a developer easier.

In this post I go over tools, shortcuts, tips and tricks that I deem essential for a productive setup, in the hopes that it will be useful to other developers.

Table of Contents

· macOS Settings
  ∘ System preferences
  ∘ Finder
  ∘ Screenshot
· macOS Shortcuts
· Command-line Tools
  ∘ Homebrew
  ∘ iTerm2
  ∘ Git
  ∘ Lazygit
  ∘ Delta
  ∘ Zsh
  ∘ Oh My Zsh
  ∘ Node.js
  ∘ Docker
  ∘ tldr
  ∘ htop
  ∘ fzf
  ∘ ripgrep
  ∘ lnav
· MacOS Applications
  ∘ Amphetamine
  ∘ Maccy
  ∘ Visual Studio Code
  ∘ Rectangle
  ∘ GIMP
  ∘ Alfred
  ∘ Numi
· Web Tools
  ∘ gifcap
  ∘ Clippy
  ∘ Graphviz Online
  ∘ uiGradients
  ∘ Get Waves
  ∘ Create App
  ∘ Vectr
· Accessories
  ∘ iVANKY Dual USB-C Docking Station
  ∘ Boyata Laptop Stand
  ∘ Keyboard and Mouse
· Tips and Tricks

macOS Settings

Let’s start with a few changes you can make to macOS and the built-in apps.

System preferences


Keyboard > T️️ouch Bar Shows: F1, F2, etc. Keys

Keyboard> Press Fn key to: Show Control Strip

These two settings are about the touch bar. As a developer, I find myself using the F keys more often (a lot of shortcuts rely on them) than the other options — so I prefer to have them be the default.

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