ArcGIS Runtime: How to identify the topmost feature across all feature layers?

ArcGIS Runtime: How to identify the topmost feature across all feature layers?

From ArcGIS Runtime Java API documentation, there is an&nbsp;<a href=",%20double,%20boolean)" target="_blank">identifyLayersAsync() method</a>.

From ArcGIS Runtime Java API documentation, there is an identifyLayersAsync() method.

From documentation:

Asynchronously identifies the topmost visible geo-element in each identifiable layer attached to the map, near given screen point.

Is there a way to for ArcGIS Runtime to return a single geo-element belonging to any layer, such that it is the topmost element?

P.S. Also asked on gis.stackexchange.


I'm still having this problem. To rephrase it, I need to find out the feature (that belongs to any layer within a list of layers) that the user has clicked on. The feature returned must be feature that the user thought he/she has clicked on (based on visual judgement).

Additionally, the method must work for both maps and scenes.

I'm going to offer bounty on both sites. At this point I'm quite sure that the API doesn't do this out-of-the-box, so I'm looking for work-around solutions.

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