How to Post a Secure Spring Boot App to Heroku

How to Post a Secure Spring Boot App to Heroku

In this tutorial, you'll see How to Post a Secure Spring Boot App to Heroku. How to quickly bootstrap secured web applications for your ‘pet project’ ideas using Spring Boot with Spring Security, Kotlin, and Okta.

As a developer, I know better than anyone the ideas for pet projects and big plans that can arise in fits of enthusiasm. However, instead of reacting to these goals, I find myself working on the same mundanity that I was the previous week. It can be hard to find the motivation to actually begin a project—really begin it, not just deployment, user sign in, registration, etc. No one enjoys the repetitive nature of user registration and login forms, and they can make your intention seem like an unlikely dream.

In the beginning, user sign-up forms were… fun. However, as I move forward, I see more and more boilerplate, consisting mostly of copypasta between projects, with only minor changes. 

Thankfully, we have access to tools such as PaaS, laaS, and open source. With the basics already built, we only need to connect them in order to spend our time and energy on the delivery for the end-user and unique features. 

Although the many options are available to bootstrap a new project, the amount can be difficult to choose from in order to match the right components. 


  • Java 11
  • A free  Heroku account and the  Heroku CLI
  • 15 minutes of your time

Build a Secure Spring Boot Application

In this tutorial, you’re going to build a single page (no JavaScript, I promise!), secure web application, and deploy it in Heroku’s cloud. It could be a good foundation for the next project or just something on the side. Most importantly, it doesn’t cost a penny.

Your website will invite a user to log in and then will present them with some meaningful information, for example, give The Answer.

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