Is Big Data Really That Big?

Is Big Data Really That Big?

Is Big Data Really That Big? And why is it called big data in the first place? Before delving into the question, let's discuss the difficulty of defining what it actually means.

The term “Big Data” has been thrown around for a while but in almost all cases we assume it refers to really large data sets. After all, it has the term “Big” in its name so the data has to be big right?

Big Data terminology started growing in popularity around 2012 before really hitting its stride from 2014 onwards.

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It has mainly been used to cover the ever-growing data footprints of large companies. As companies collect and process more varied and disparate data, the old language of database and data mart didn’t really fit the bill. Terms like big data and data lake were thus born to bring data processing into the future.

So what is really meant by big data? Is the job role of a big data engineer different than a normal data engineer?

I look to shed some light on these questions in this post.

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