Go Node and Sdk for The Neo Blockchain

Go Node and Sdk for The Neo Blockchain

neo-go Go Node and SDK for the NEO blockchain.

Go Node and SDK for the NEO blockchain.


This project aims to be a full port of the original C# Neo project. A complete toolkit for the NEO blockchain, including:

This branch (master) is under active development now (read: won't work out of the box) and aims to be compatible with Neo 3. For the current stable version compatible with Neo 2 please refer to the master-2.x branch and releases before 0.80.0 (0.7X.Y track). Releases starting from 0.90.0 contain Neo 3 code (0.90.0 being compatible with Neo 3 preview2).

Getting started


Go: 1.13+

Install dependencies.

neo-go uses GoModules as dependency manager:

make deps

How to setup a node


Each tagged build is built to docker hub and the :latest tag pointing at the latest tagged build.

By default the CMD is set to run a node on testnet, so to do this simply run:

 docker run -d --name neo-go -p 20332:20332 -p 20333:20333 cityofzion/neo-go

Which will start a node on testnet and expose the nodes port 20333 and 20332 for the JSON-RPC server.


Build the neo-go CLI:

make build


Quick start a NEO node on the private network. This requires the neo-privatenet Docker image running on your machine.

make run

To run the binary directly:

./bin/neo-go node

By default the node will run on the private network, to change his:

./bin/neo-go node --mainnet

Available network flags:

  • --mainnet, -m
  • --privnet, -p
  • --testnet, -t
Importing mainnet/testnet dump files

If you want to jump-start your mainnet or testnet node with chain archives provided by NGD follow these instructions (when they'd be available for 3.0 networks):

$ wget .../chain.acc.zip # chain dump file
$ unzip chain.acc.zip
$ ./bin/neo-go db restore -m -i chain.acc # for testnet use '-t' flag instead of '-m'

The process differs from the C# node in that block importing is a separate mode, after it ends the node can be started normally.

Smart contract development

Please refer to neo-go smart contract development workshop that shows some simple contracts that can be compiled/deployed/run using neo-go compiler, SDK and private network. For details on how Go code is translated to Neo VM bytecode and what you can and can not do in smart contract please refer to the compiler documentation.

Developer notes

Nodes have such features as Prometheus and Pprof in order to have additional information about them for debugging.

How to configure Prometheus or Pprof: In config/protocol.*.yml there is

    Enabled: true
    Port: 2112

where you can switch on/off and define port. Prometheus is enabled and Pprof is disabled by default.


Feel free to contribute to this project after reading the contributing guidelines.

Before starting to work on a certain topic, create an new issue first, describing the feature/topic you are going to implement.


Download Details:

Author: nspcc-dev

Source Code: https://github.com/nspcc-dev/neo-go

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