The Basic Elements of a Survival Kit

The Basic Elements of a Survival Kit

Judy is a collection of ready-kits with everything needed to prepare for natural disasters and home emergencies

Anything can go wrong at any time. People should be prepared for any emergency, whether at school, hospital, home, or their car. They were being designed to equip themselves with the proper supplies they might need in an emergency or disaster.

A survival kit is an essential need for any person who wants to survive in this world. Every day hundreds of people die in natural hazards. This makes us all wonder how would I have handled the situation? Having a survival kit in situations like these can make a difference.

Survival kits are made to maximize the safety of your family in an emergency event or natural hazard. Other than emergency events or natural hazards, they are also useful for everyday needs. They can be of great help if you plan to go on hiking, camping, or any other adventurous activity with your family or friends.

Essential items in your emergency survival kit

The fundamental elements that every emergency survival kit should include are:

1. Food and water:

Food and water is probably the most critical part of any survival kit. Without proper food and water supplies, people cannot survive in the wilderness for an extended period. People should have a supply of water and food that would last for 72 hours. When considering food, always look for canned and dehydrated foods. A survival kit cannot carry all food items, so always choose food containing more calories and essential nutrients.

It is better to carry canned fruits and vegetables so that your body does not become depleted of calories in case of a more extended stay. While buying food and water supplies for an emergency kit, look for products packaged explicitly for emergency purposes as they have longer shelf life than regular ones.

*2. First Aid Kit: *

Another essential element that every survival kit should include is a good first aid kit. It will help you prevent any injury by keeping you stable and giving you relief from pain. The first aid kit should have:

• Alcohol and antiseptic wipes • Any long term medications you are using. • Thermometers • Sting relief pads • Glucose • Bandages • Eye drops • Diarrhoea medicine • Scissors • Burn gel • Painkillers

3. Lighting and communication tools:

All the essential utilities will not be available during an emergency or natural hazard. It is better to equip yourself with some crucial lighting tools such as flashlights, emergency candles, and communication devices such as satellite phones or any other phone with extra batteries so you can contact anyone from anywhere for help.

People can also keep glow sticks and flares as they might serve as suitable signalling devices and help you call someone for help by giving some sign of presence.

4. Survival knives:

It is hard to survive in some situations if you don’t have a knife in your possession. It will protect you from animals and even humans. A survival knife should be appropriately chosen as it will save you from any dangerous situation that could cost you your life.


A survival kit should be considered mandatory nowadays. You never know when something will go wrong, placing your life in danger. But a well-prepared survival kit can help you to increase your offs of survival to a great extent. It is essential to understand that different person will require different types of items in their survival kit. People need to customize their survival kits according to their needs. Many online brands are customizing survival kits according to their customer's requirements. A survival kit can help you in your outdoor activities, such as camping in the wild. Make sure safety comes first. Happy Surviving!

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