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Ballerina since v1.2.5 has built-in support for Azure Functions. In this way, you can take a Ballerina function and expose it as a serverless function in Azure Functions. Azure Functions take on a unique approach in defining serverless functions with the function trigger and bindings concept. In this way, we can access other cloud services such as storage services (queue, blob, etc.), CosmosDB, Twillio, and timers right from the function itself without any additional connectors or authentication processes. We map our parameters and return types with these bindings, which provides us direct access to the resources.

In the following video, I’ve done a walk-through of the main features of the Ballerina Azure Functions extension. Here I will be writing functions by using the triggers and bindings functionality, and showing how to build and deploy the functions.

The Ballerina extension for Azure Functions was possible through the custom handlers functionality that was introduced to further extend language support in Azure Functions. Using this support, it was possible to write a compiler extension, which generates the required artifacts for Azure Functions.

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How To Use Ballerina in Azure Functions | Hacker Noon
Ruthie  Bugala

Ruthie Bugala


Azure Synapse Analytics Database CI/CD using Azure Function

In this article, I will discuss an Azure Database CI/CD approach using Azure Premium Function and Jenkins pipeline. I will only explain the architecture and the approach I took to implement the Database CI/CD pipeline.

Problem Statement and Challenges

I was working on a project where I had to build a Database deployment pipeline using enterprise GitHub which is only accessible through the company’s internal network. Also, port 1433 was blocked from the internal network to the Azure Synapse public endpoint for security reasons. Hence the only option I had was to run my pipeline in an internal network so that I could access GitHub which I was using for my Database Deployment Source Control and send the SQL code to Azure Synapse using Azure function HTTP post as port 1433 was blocked.

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Alverta  Crist

Alverta Crist


Using External Inputs in Azure Durable Functions

Using External Inputs in Azure Durable Functions.
Azure Durable Functions
Azure Durable functions provides a simple way of implementing workflows in a serverless architecture. Durable functions are built on top of Azure functions and supports chaining, Fan-out/fan-in, external inputs, stateful flows, eternal flows with excellent diagnostic and monitoring API core core #azure #api #app app service #azure durable functions #azure functions #http #serverless

PANDAS: Most Used Functions in Data Science

Most useful functions for data preprocessing

When you get introduced to machine learning, the first step is to learn Python and the basic step of learning Python is to learn pandas library. We can install pandas library by pip install pandas. After installing we have to import pandas each time of the running session. The data used for example is from the UCI repository “

  1. Read Data

2. Head and Tail

3. Shape, Size and Info

4. isna

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Rusty  Bernier

Rusty Bernier


Using Azure function proxies for mocking API

There are many options available when it comes to mocking API response, like, JSON server or even having a response JSON file added to

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