9 Things To Make Mobile App Successful

9 Things To Make Mobile App Successful

To build an application that works and is successful, we need technology, design, business acumen, and an execution plan that works. We explore the 9 things to make your mobile application successful: Try to solve a basic problem; Plan and Target Audience; Simple/Intuitive Navigation; Color Scheme; Device Orientation Support; Select Correct Technology; Minimum support version of OS; Make sure your app is secure; Add crash and event tracking

Mobile apps are everywhere today, there is an app for everything you can think of. And there are more getting created every single day!! In this situation how do we make sure our app is successful? Join me in this article as we explore the 9 things to make your next app successful….

The number of smartphones to be used around the world by end of 2020 is predicted to be 3.5 Billion. Users spend 90 percent of that time on apps.

There are over 2.7 million apps in the Google Play store and 2.2 million in the App Store. The majority of users use 9 apps per day and 30 apps per month.

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Source. https://techjury.net/blog/app-usage-statistics/

As you can see with so many apps in the market which are all competing to gain user's attention, competition is very harsh. That's why we need to think about our idea and understand its use for our users. So, here goes our list of things that are useful in making a mobile application successful.

  1. Try to solve a basic problem
  2. Plan and Target Audience
  3. Simple/Intuitive Navigation
  4. Color Scheme
  5. Device Orientation Support
  6. Select Correct Technology
  7. Minimum support version of OS
  8. Make sure your app is secure
  9. Add crash and event tracking

1. Try to solve a basic problem

Always think of your app as a problem solver to one simple thing and it does that brilliantly.

Take the example of Uber, it literally does one thing for a customer, which is “request a ride”. Lots of time we want to pack our app with many features, thinking that it will help our users. But it actually does the opposite, we leave the user in a state of confusion. We always need to remember to do one simple thing and do it exceptionally. After that, we can add more features as we learn more about our users, their expectation, and their behavior.

2. Plan and Target Audience

Once we researched and figured out how and where we stand out we need to come up with a plan. We need to answer a few questions:

  • Who is our target audience?How will you reach the target audience?Should we offer our app for free? and then charge for premium featuresCharge a fixed price? and offer everything.

These decisions will help us understand your path forward with the app.

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