Making Sense of Unbounded Data

Making Sense of Unbounded Data

Making Sense of Unbounded Data. Check out this reference architecture for real-time event stream processing, including which technology choices you should consider for each stage.

A reference architecture for real-time event stream processing

Unbounded data refers to continuous, never-ending data streams with no beginning or end. They are made available over time. Anyone who wishes to act upon them can do without downloading them first.

As Martin Kleppmann stated in his famous book, unbounded data will never “complete” in any meaningful way.

In reality, a lot of data is unbounded because it arrives gradually over time: your users produced data yesterday and today, and they will continue to produce more data tomorrow. Unless you go out of business, this process never ends, and so the dataset is never “complete” in any meaningful way.

— Martin Kleppmann, Designing Data-Intensive Applications

Processing unbounded data requires an entirely different approach than its counterpart, batch processing. This article summarises the value of unbounded data and how you can build systems to harness the power of real-time data.

Bounded and Unbounded Data

Benefits of Real-time Data and Practical Examples

Making Sense of Streaming Data

A Reference Architecture for Stream Processing


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