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Sean Doyle


Get started with Vue CLI and single-file components in Vue.js

Although it’s possible to create Vue.js applications by using purely JavaScript, most developers need more power and flexibility. By using Vue CLI and single-file components, you can use more robust tooling to enhance the development experience. In this workshop recording, we cover using Vue CLI to bootstrap an application, and create reusable components in Vue. It’s recommended to attend this workshop if you have familiarity with HTML/CSS, Git, npm, JavaScript, and some knowledge of Vue.js.

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Speaker: Allen Sanders

Allen is a Senior Cloud Architect with over 25 years of experience in software engineering, architecture and design delivering technology strategy and business solutions in multiple verticals. Allen is a motivated leader with experience effectively partnering with both technical and executive-level business stakeholders on the execution of multiple complex software delivery programs and Cloud migration efforts. As a Microsoft Certified Professional, he has taught, led and mentored teams of varying sizes in application transformation efforts, in the setup of secure DevOps capabilities, and in the establishment of governance programs that have helped organizations, both large and small, realize business value, achieve desired outcomes and secure sustainable evolution. He has a passion for learning – both his own and for others.

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Get started with Vue CLI and single-file components in Vue.js