Python Environment 101

Python Environment 101

Python Environment 101 .How are pyenv and pipenv different and when you should be using them

Introduction: pyenv vs pipenv vs virtualenv

I was using Python 3.7.7 + virtualenv, and one day I installed 3.8.2. This created trouble with the Jupyter Notebook. It was not working and I was getting all sorts of error messages.

I thought I got to sort out the Python environment. I needed to find out what pyenv, pipenv, and virtualenv do. So this is the article about what I have learned.

The Python released 13 versions during 2019 and 12 versions during 2018. Most programming languages have some kinds of version management.

Node has nvm and Ruby has RVM, etc. pyenv is a Python version management.

It installs/uninstalls different Python versions, sets global and local(directory) Python version.

pyenv-virtualenv is a pyenv plugin that manages Python virtual environments on UNIX-like systems.

Dependency management is the process of managing all of the interrelated libraries and packages within the project to ensure that your projects run successfully.

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