How To Get and Use BlueStacks on Mac? -

Bluestacks is a popular and best Android emulator for MacOS which allows you to run Android apps on your Mac. In this article, you will read how to get and use BlueStacks on Mac. For assistance the user can contact the Microsoft team via get the key free 2021.

How you can Get BlueStacks on Mac?

First, you should update macOS if it is not updated. Then, you should download BlueStacks.

macOS 10.15 Catalina and older: Click Download BlueStacks

macOS 11 Big Sur: Click Download for Big Sur

After the download process complete, you should open the BlueStacks installer. Then, you should double click on the BlueStacks installer icon. If in case, it asks for the permission to open the installer, then you should click on Open. After this, you should click on Install Now button. If it prompts, then you should enter your macOS username and password and then click on Install Helper. If there is System Extension Blocked popup on your screen, then you should click on Open Security & Privacy. Here, in the Security & Privacy window, you should look for “System software from developer “Oracle America, inc.” was blocked from loading” and then click on Allow. Now, you should click on Restart option. If in case, you find a “Bluestacks interrupted restart” message, then you should click on Cancel option and then open Security & Privacy again and after this, just click on Restart on the General tab. At last, you should wait for your Mac to restart. Now, Bluestacks is ready to use. www office com setup

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How you can Use BlueStacks on your Mac?

For this, you should launch BlueStacks. After this, click on LET’S GO. Now, you should enter the email address and then click on Next. And then enter your Google account password and then click on Next. At this point, you should click on the Play Store icon which is on the Android desktop. Here, in the search field, you should type the name of the Android app which you want to use. When you find an app, then just click on install option. After the app downloading, you should click on Open. Now, BlueStacks will automatically switch into portrait orientation for games just like you use on your Android device. Then, you should click a tab which is at the top of the BlueStacks window to switch back to the desktop. If in case, you launch multiple apps, then they will be used through the tab which is at the top of the screen. Here from the desktop, you should click on the white circular icon which is at the bottom center just to access your app drawer. Now from the app drawer, you should access your apps, the search function, and also the system settings. BlueStacks has the same system settings like Android device. And by default, BlueStacks has Chrome web browser, which is like Chrome on an Android device. You should click on Actions if you want to shake an Android device. At this point, you should click on Audio to adjust the volume. Then, you should click Apple and then choose Preferences to access BlueStacks options. Now, click Advanced and then Choose a predefined profile. Here, you should select a phone from the dropdown list.  At last, click on Game settings and then check the Optimize in-game settings to adjust the other setting.

The above method helps you to get and use BlueStacks on Mac. For help, just contact to the expert of Microsoft via buy online product key free for download.

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