My All-Star React Stack

My All-Star React Stack

Everything I use when I set up a new React app

If you are a React developer like me, then you are essentially spoiled for choice when it comes to frameworks, libraries, tools, etc. With React, it is even trickier compared to full-fledged opinionated frameworks like Angular. React calls itself a JavaScript library for building user interfaces (UI).

With a huge array of options, it is only natural to be confused about what technologies to use for your next React project. Today, I’ll share my favourite libraries and how they make my life so much easier!

Kickstarting a Project (The Base)

To kickstart a project, my favourite option is Next.js!

Next.js offers out-of-the-box server-side rendering, file system-based routing, built-in CSS/SCSS support, and so much more. You can literally be up and running in a few seconds with Next.js without having to worry about tooling.


The default way to bootstrap a React project will be to use the Create React App. However, trust me: Next.js is just so awesome and more developer-friendly. It allows you to focus on the code instead of the setup.

Another popular option is Gatsby, which is more SEO-centric. However, Gatsby is more focused on static site generation and I am not comfortable using it for a project that may quickly balloon into a large code base. I prefer Gatsby for projects such as a blog.

My suggestion is to go with Next.js for projects that may become bigger or even enterprise-grade in the future. Choose Gatsby if you want a more SEO-optimised, public-facing site like a blog or a static informational site.

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