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Demonstration of PoR Contracts for ChainLink Network

PoR Contracts

This repository contains the interface required to implement a PoRAddressList contract to store a list of custodial addresses that holds the funds in order to support a PoR feed.

Contract Addresses


ExampleEvmPoRAddressList: 0x4c5De5d901F978B89AB1399D64AA54B1D3a4BCFF
ExampleStringPoRAddressList: 0xA72206A7877B27831b520FE0405746f9Ef9a0B98

IPoRAddressList Interface

The IPoRAddressList contract interface provides a simple way for developers to implement a smart contract to manage a list of custodial addresses used to support a Proof of Reserves feed. It requires developers to only implement two functions getPoRAddressListLength, which returns the number of custodial addresses and getPoRAddressList, which returns part of the list of custodial addresses. These two functions are the only ones required to make the contract compatible with our general Proof of Reserves framework. The interface leaves out functions to manage adding and removing addresses and any access controler as it is up to the developer to implement this in any way they wish.

interface IPoRAddressList {
    /// @notice Get total number of addresses in the list.
    function getPoRAddressListLength() external view returns (uint256);

     * @notice Get a batch of human-readable addresses from the address list.
     * @dev Due to limitations of gas usage in off-chain calls, we need to support fetching the addresses in batches.
     * EVM addresses need to be converted to human-readable strings. The address strings need to be in the same format
     * that would be used when querying the balance of that address.
     * @param startIndex The index of the first address in the batch.
     * @param endIndex The index of the last address in the batch. If `endIndex > getPoRAddressListLength()-1`,
     * endIndex need to default to `getPoRAddressListLength()-1`. If `endIndex < startIndex`, the result would be an
     * empty array.
     * @return Array of addresses as strings.
    function getPoRAddressList(uint256 startIndex, uint256 endIndex)
        returns (string[] memory);

Token Minting

Proof of Reserve feeds report the latest number of reserve tokens available along with important timestamp information. These feeds expose data like regular Chainlink price feeds meaning that they also expose similar functions. One way consumers can consume data from the feed is by calling the feed's latestRoundData() function which returns the following variables:

answer The reserve amount

answeredInRound is the round ID of the round in which the answer was computed. This value is unlikely to be used.

roundId is the round ID from the aggregator for which the data was retrieved combined with a phase to ensure that round IDs get larger as time moves forward. This value is unlikely to be used.

startedAt is the timestamp when the round was started. This value is unlikely to be used.

updatedAt is the timestamp when the round last was updated (i.e. answer was last computed)


The ExampleTokenWithPoR contract is meant to serve as an example token contract that uses a Proof of Reserves feed to ensure that it's token supply never exceeds the number of reserves backing it. The contract has a mint function that first reads the answer and updatedAt fields from the feed and reverts if any state is violated. An annotated version of it's mint function is shown below.

function mint(address _to, uint256 _amount) external onlyOwner {

        * Read latest data from feed
        (, int256 answer, , uint256 updatedAt, ) = s_feed.latestRoundData();

        * Revert if the feed returns invalid values or if the feed has gone stale.  The heartbeat is a variable
        * stored and configured by the mock token contract
        require(answer > 0, "invalid answer from PoR feed");
        require(updatedAt >= block.timestamp - s_heartbeat, "answer outdated");

        * Normalize currencies to in case the number of decimals reported by the feed is
        * different than the token's decimals
        uint256 reserves = uint256(answer);
        uint256 currentSupply = totalSupply();

        uint8 trueDecimals = decimals();
        uint8 reserveDecimals = s_feed.decimals();
        if (trueDecimals < reserveDecimals) {
            currentSupply =
                currentSupply *
                10**uint256(reserveDecimals - trueDecimals);
        } else if (trueDecimals > reserveDecimals) {
            reserves = reserves * 10**uint256(trueDecimals - reserveDecimals);

        * Revert if the supply after minting exceeds the reported number of reserves
            currentSupply + _amount <= reserves,
            "total supply would exceed reserves after mint"
        _mint(_to, _amount);

Warning: The contracts in this repository have not been audited and are only meant to be for demonstration purposes

Download details:

Author: smartcontractkit
Source code:
License: MIT license

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Demonstration of PoR Contracts for ChainLink Network
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antonio marsh


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Hire Smart Contract Developers | Smart Contract Development Company India

What are smart contracts?

Smart contracts is a digital code stored in a blockchain and automatically executes when predetermined terms and conditions are met. In Simple terms, they are programs that run by the setup of the people who developed them.They are designed to facilitate, verify, and execute a digital contract between two parties without the involvement of third parties.

Benefits of Smart Contracts

Greater efficiency and speed
Accuracy and transparency
Robust Security
Independent verification
Advanced data safety
Distributed ledger
Ease of use
Open source technology
Better flexibility
Easy integration
Improved tractability

Where could smart contracts be used?

Today Smart contracts are used in various platforms such as supply-chain management,cross-border financial transactions,document management,enforceability and more. Here are the Sectors where smart contracts plays a huge role ,

  • Supply chain management
  • Insurance
  • Mortgage loans
  • Financial industry
  • Trade Finance
  • Government
  • IT Sector
  • Records
  • Property ownership
  • Medical Research
  • Voting
  • Peer-to-Peer transactions
  • Product development
  • Stocktaking

Steps For Successful Smart Contract Development

There are a few Important things that you need to consider before you develop a Smart Contract,

Ask Yourself -

  • Do You Need A Smart Contract In Your Project?
  • How can i Implement Smart Contract in My Business?
  • If yes, Find out Your Business Requirements
  • Plan your Requirements
  • Find a Trustworthy Smart Contract Developer
  • Develop , Test Your Smart Contract

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  • It requires only less entrance fee to join the network
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We (Codezeros) are Smart Contract Development Company in Washington. We provide the complete solution for smart contracts like smart contract architecture, design & development, auditing & optimization. We have experienced developers who are expert in developing smart contracts as well as DApp development, pitch deck development, and many other services related to Blockchain Technology.

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Smart Contract Development Company, Hire Smart Contract Developer

With the advent of smart contracts, it has become possible for every business to secure its data and to determine success. It is a decentralized solution that enables you to do many tasks while executing in the most optimal manner. All the entrepreneurs and business owners who have adopted this mechanism have received great results. In order to access this service for your company, you need to team up with a smart contract development company. By doing this, you enhance the power of your solution and make things very seamless.

Smart Contract Development Company

What makes a smart contract a perfect solution for my business?

A smart contract enables you to achieve various feats that seem unfathomable. Also, you get to protect the information of your enterprise in the best possible manner. When you have the power to expand your operation, you should be wise enough to choose the most appropriate solution. There are times when you have to think of something exemplary, it also gives you more about the perfection of the tools. At such a time, you need to have a proper understanding of the features and get things planned in a permanent fashion.

It does not matter which domain you are related to, you get to think about the possible solutions from every domain. Also, you get to manage various other tasks that seem very difficult otherwise. Before you introduce this ledger-based framework in your firm, you need to ready for the outcomes. Every time you come across a decentralized network, you start to pave way for something more dynamic. This gives you the power to react on time and with more efficacy for the long term. Also, you get to review the overall working with a set of proficient developers.

Whether you directly connect with the blockchain or not, your business draws a large number of benefits from the smart contracts. The very core of this solution enables you to create a fitting structure around every company. Also, you get to come with a prominent fix that empowers the proponents of your project. The vision of your investors gets broadened and you get the insights to envision things properly. Every time you do it, you get things worked up properly, you get to maintain a proper flux of funds. In this way, your business gets whatever you want in a very short duration.

How should I develop and implement smart contracts in my business?

By introducing this solution, you prepare your startup to scale up the steps of success. Also, it helps your business overcome all types of issues whether they are temporary in nature or permanent. You need to understand the predilection of every course of action so there is never any obstacle in the way. Moreover, it becomes very easy for your organization to spread its wings because it has befitting tools to support its working. This may also happen in with support structures that ease the expansion of business in a very lesser time.

In every industry, there is a scope of decentralization and you can make it even easier through a string of services. All the crypto-based programs help you get closer to the customers with a reliable method of payment. With this structure, it is possible for every business to do something exceptional. Whether you want it or not, you get to work on many expeditionary campaigns. Also, you help others expand the work and things can get more explicable flawlessly. The working of this solution gives you a high quantum of accuracy in every possible manner.

The prospects of your company can get much better and promising because you have a lesser number of agents deployed. You might find these differences odd, but they can highly impact the development as well as transactions. When you want to touch base with your team or some consultants, you get a better idea about the entire thing. Also, that happens without having you wasting your time. There could be subtle errors in the initial phases of the development of tokens or any other distributed ledger. If decentralization is at the core, you need to have more potential to conceptualize new methods.

How should I find professionals who could develop custom-built smart contracts?

You can certainly get such experts but the search has to be very thorough in nature. Also, the whole thing has to be planned to the hilt and things could be working seamlessly. When you get things working at an impressive pace, you might lack clear objects. Even if there is a projected solution for some problems, you must not employ them before proper rounds of review. This approach gives you satisfactory results in every domain and keeps you one step ahead when it comes to getting what you precisely need.

It is vital that you work with people who have an idea about what’s happening in your firm. By working with such people, you get more certainty in every step sans wasting a large quantum of resources or time. You might be able to find some other options but they all resort to decentralization in the end. The best way to implement this solution is to give more time to every single process through many methods. Also, you need to get things aligned with a proper solution and help the developers give shape to their visions.


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