JavaScript for Automation (JXA) Scripting For Deno

JavaScript for Automation (JXA) Scripting For Deno

Deno modules for running JavaScript for Automation (JXA), mostly ported from Node packages by JXA-userland/JXA.


Deno modules for running JavaScript for Automation (JXA), mostly ported from Node packages by JXA-userland/JXA.

Run JXA in Deno

// script.js
import { run } from ""

const result = await run((name, emoji) =>
  `Hello ${name} ${emoji}!`, "Deno", "🦕");
$ deno run --allow-run script.js
Hello Deno 🦕!

See run/ for detailed documentation.

TypeScript Support

// script.ts
import { run } from "";
import type {} from "";
// Generated with @jxa/sdef-to-dts
import type { GoogleChrome } from "";

const result = await run(
  () => {
    const chrome = Application<GoogleChrome>("Google Chrome");
    const windows: GoogleChrome.Window[] =;
    const activeTab: GoogleChrome.Tab = windows[0].activeTab();
    return activeTab.title();

deno run --allow-run script.ts will output the title of your active tab in Chrome.

See run/types/ for more information about TypeScript support.

Download Details:

Author: pnlng

Source Code:

deno nodejs javascript

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