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NetApp tools to simplify migration to Google Cloud

Today’s enterprises require agility and adaptability to meet business and customer needs. For many businesses, that’s come to mean transitioning to cloud services. In fact, an estimated 85% of organizations have a majority of their workloads in the cloud1, including virtual desktops, Windows-based workloads, critical SAP applications, or backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Since 2018, Google Cloud and NetApp have collaborated to create a portfolio of solutions that make it easier to migrate and run enterprise workloads in the cloud. Through our partnership, you can unlock the power of your data with tightly integrated, enterprise-class solutions that are optimized for Google Cloud.

“Customers are looking to unlock the benefits of cloud technologies through simplified migration and deployment so they can focus on serving the needs of their customers,” said Jason McKinney, WW Vice President, Public Cloud Sales, NetApp. “The partnership enables customers to benefit from Google Cloud’s leading infrastructure services alongside NetApp’s data services to quickly migrate and run critical business applications, and garner new insights from cloud services to build new services for their customers.”

As our partnership has progressed, we’ve created solutions for additional industries and use cases, and are continuously adding new services to our joint offerings, all with the goal of making it easier to migrate critical apps to the cloud and run them effectively. For example, customers such as Activision Blizzard were able to extend their on-prem infrastructure to Google Cloud within days and leverage NetApp to scale those applications worldwide to meet the performance requirements to deliver an optimal user experience for 300M+ gamers around the world.

Let us show you what you can accomplish with NetApp and Google Cloud today.

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NetApp tools to simplify migration to Google Cloud