MongoDB Tutorial | MongoDB Course | MongoDB Training | Intellipaat

MongoDB Tutorial | MongoDB Course | MongoDB Training | Intellipaat

šŸ”„Intellipaat MongoDB course: This MongoDB tutorial is mongodb training where you will learn what is database and ty...

This MongoDB tutorial is mongodb training where you will learn what is database and types of databases, what is nosql databases, introduction to mongodb, how to install mongodb, data types in mongodb and basic crud operations in mongodb in detail.

Why MongoDB is important? MongoDB stores data in a JSON document format. This allows you to throw whatever data you want from it without worrying about the relations of the data. The fact that it is a JSON store also means that information can be retrieved very quickly. Things that would take minutes for relational databases to find can be found in MongoDB in mere seconds. Basically, in any situation where the data isnā€™t relational and needs to be processed quickly, MongoDB is the database you should be choosing. This is why in most big data workplaces, you will find MongoDB (or a similar database) being used instead of the databases we are used to.

Why should you opt for a MongoDB career? If you want to fast-track your career then you should strongly consider MongoDB. The reason for this is that it is one of the fastest growing technology. There is a huge demand for MongoDB. The salaries for MongoDB is fantastic.There is a huge growth opportunity in this domain as well.

mongodbtutorial mongodbcourse mongodbtraining Intellipaat

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