How and Why to Start a Corporate Wellness Program - Woliba

Few reasons how to and why needs to implementing the employee wellness program in your organisation. Remember that wellness is an initiative that benefits individuals at all levels of your organization for the long-term.

Preparing Corporations for Artificial Intelligence Adoption

An executive guide to creating a culture that promotes AI transformation. Most companies fail to scale up their AI pilot projects. Most AI initiatives have their budgets cut because they don’t deliver results quickly enough. The problem is not technology or talent. The culprit is often a corporate culture and organizational structure designed for a pre-AI age. To deploy AI at scale, executives must build a culture where business and technical teams can collaborate seamlessly.

11 Challenges Faced by Corporate Event Planner

Problems or challenges are inevitable part, especially when you are into corporate event planning. A corporate event planner has to take care of several tasks to make his client happy and content. Believe it or not, happy and content clients come...

Employee Transport Management Software | Corporate Transport Solution

An efficient employee transport management system to help entrepreneurs provide a safe and dependable travel for their employees. Fully loaded with complete set of features.

Pros and Cons of Corporate Wellness Programs: What the Statistics

It’s always a good idea to consider the advantages and disadvantages of implementing an coporate wellness program in your organization.