The Era of DNA Database Hacks Is Here

A major data breach shows genetic information is vulnerable to attack. Onthe morning of July 19, hackers accessed the online DNA database GEDmatch.

Presenting the MDN Web Developer Needs Assessment (Web DNA) Report

The first annual MDN Developer Needs Assessment aims to represent the voices of developers and designers working on the web. We've analyzed the data provided by more than 28,000 completed ...On single-vendor platforms, a single entity is responsible for researching developer needs. A single organization gets to decide how to address needs and prioritize for the future. On the web, it’s not that straightforward. Multiple organizations must participate in feature decisions, from browser vendors to standards bodies and the industry overall. As a result, change can be slow to come. Therefore, pain points may take a long time to address.

Bioinformatics 2: Bit-Encoding for DNA Sequences

In the bioinformatics domain, people often deal with different data sequences such as DNA, RNA, and protein. One common aspect (which is also a significant challenge) regardless of the sequence type is the amount of data that needs to be processed. In this article, we will narrow down our discussion to the DNA sequences.

What Data am I Giving Away When I Purchase My DNA Information?

So, you’re thinking about using a commercial DNA testing kit! You’re not alone. Tens of millions of people have already spit into a little vial and mailed it away to a company promising to tell them where their ancestors are from, to show them cousins they didn’t know they had, and to explain once and for all why they hate the taste of cilantro.