Using Python for Frontend

Using Python for Frontend

Different ways to create frontend apps with Python. Three options for you to choose from to start all your web-apps from scratch, using the power of Python: Skulpt, Brython, Anvil

Different ways to create frontend apps with Python

For almost three decades, JavaScript has been the de facto language for front-end development. For the back-end, countless other languages have been created, popularized, and then left to rot in the corner of the forgotten languages. But JavaScript not only has remained as the first, second, and third front-end language, it has evolved to provide the required features for the modern web.

However, that is no longer the case, JavaScript has a contender, its domain is no longer safe, and you might already be familiar with this new language that is trying to make a name for itself on the front-end world: Python.

That’s right, that was an over-complicated way of me saying Python can be used for front-end development, just like JavaScript. Not because browsers have decided to include a runtime for it, but because users have created fully functional Python interpreters in JavaScript — oh the irony!

So, without further ado, here are three options for you to choose from to start all your web-apps from scratch, using the power of Python.

  • Skulpt
  • Brython
  • Anvil

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