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Chesley Wehner


SQL Server BIT Data Type - An Ultimate Guide

Introduction to Bit Data type

The data type represents an attribute that stores integer, character, data time, binary data. Suppose you have a web application for recording the users’ feedback for various questions. It contains multiple dichotomous questions and a few textbox-based questions, such as remarks. On the backend, these responses get stored in an SQL table.

To design the table, we define columns and their data types. SQL Server supports various data types such as integer, char, varchar(), float, DateTime, numeric, etc. To learn more about the data types, refer to the official documentation. The use cases depend on the values we wish to store in them.

Suppose we have specific columns in that table we’ve created. Those columns accept Boolean values 1,0 or TRUE\False. SQL. Therefore, SQL Server provides a particular Boolean data type – Bit.

The SQL Server Bit is an integer data type that accepts 0,1 and NULL values. It is available in all SQL Server versions, including Azure SQL Server, Azure Managed Instances and SQL on Azure VM.

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SQL Server BIT Data Type - An Ultimate Guide