Flutter: i18n Made Easy

Flutter: i18n Made Easy

Flutter: i18n Made Easy. At the time of writing, the “basic” i18n approach in Flutter is complicated and heavyweight. That’s why I decided to start my own library: fast_i18n

At the time of writing, the “basic” i18n approach in Flutter is complicated and heavyweight. That’s why I decided to start my own library: fast_i18n

Step 1: Add dependencies

Please don’t forget to include the build_runner. You will need that because the JSON files will be translated at compile-time!

# pubspec.yaml

  fast_i18n: ^1.4.0 # please look up the latest version on pub.dev

  build_runner: any

Step 2: Write JSON files

Now lets add some strings. Just make sure that they are inside the lib directory and all in one common package like lib/i18n/strings.i18n.json

  "hello": "Hello $name",
  "save": "Save",
  "login": {
    "success": "Logged in successfully",
    "fail": "Logged in failed"

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