5 Articles worth Reading this week | Software Developers

5 Articles worth Reading this week | Software Developers

<strong>1) Why Agile Fails: The PA-SA-WAKA-DA Theory</strong>

1) Why Agile Fails: The PA-SA-WAKA-DA Theory

This article deals with the commonly unknown theory to explain why Agile fails. It starts with: "It is funny to notice that, more often than not, we only hear the good stories in each segment of our lives. That applies equally to Hollywood, where we only get to see the shining stars but ignore the struggle that goes behind it, or any successful Agile project, where we see and relish the success, forgetting the relentless effort by a dedicated team. Does success cover the entire story? Of course not! There is a very dark side as well — which is often not too exciting to hear or encouraging to know — but very insightful if you wish to learn what not to do to avoid failure."

Link: Why Agile Fails: The PA-SA-WAKA-DA Theory

2) Best PHP Frameworks (2019)

In this article, the author is discussing the best PHP Frameworks along with their pros and cons in great depth so that one might get a clear understanding of which one to chose. Author's comprehensive research includes some Latest PHP Frameworks. It compares the PHP Frameworks by using Google Trends and Stack Overflow insights

Table of Contents of this Article

Link: Best PHP Frameworks (2019)

3) How to Choose the Right Database Among Cassandra, MongoDB, and MySQL for Your Applications

It starts with "I compared ACID properties, CAP attributes, and other features among Cassandra, MongoDB, and MySQL databases to help you choose the right database for your applications. Choosing the right database primarily depends on application needs. There are many factors that need to be considered while choosing the database, In this article, I mainly focused on the transactional aspect."

Link: How to Choose the Right Database Among Cassandra, MongoDB, and MySQL for Your Applications

4) Introduction to Elasticsearch and the ELK stack

A very comprehensive article discussing the basic terminologies and their respective use cases of #elasticsearch and #elkstack #indices #documents #nodes #clusters #sharding #replication #kibana

Table of Contents of this article

Link: Introduction to Elasticsearch and the ELK stack

5) Open-Source Vulnerabilities — Will They Ever End?

It Starts with "Open-source software, or software that has been built in an open environment, is undeniably enormously popular for several reasons."

Link: Open-Source Vulnerabilities — Will They Ever End?

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