Thundra Cloud Debugging Platform Supports Java/Spring Hotfix Capabilities

Thundra Cloud Debugging Platform Supports Java/Spring Hotfix Capabilities

In this article you'll find out how Thundra Cloud Debugging Platform Supports Java/Spring hotfix capabilities. Cloud monitoring provider Thundra has extended its platform by offering a plugin to debug and make fixes remotely for application code and microservices without disrupting application execution times.

Cloud monitoring provider Thundra has extended its platform by offering a plugin to debug and make fixes remotely for application code without disrupting application execution times.

While  Thundra previously allowed for monitoring and debugging applications and microservices, Thundra’s  Sidekick plugin goes further by allowing for hotfixes to be implemented directly to live code. Developers can thus rely on Thundra to diagnose application-performance issues and then use Thundra Sidekick with the Java integrated development environment  IntelliJ IDEA to add and view tracepoints to the problem code without affecting the code execution. Fixes can then be implemented and uploaded without having to redeploy the application.

“After successfully helping the community to troubleshoot production issues, we also understood that we hit the tip of the iceberg in developers’ pains,”  Serkan Ozal, founder and Chief Technology Officer for Thundra, said. “Thundra Sidekick helps to find and fix bigger problems that were previously hidden.”

This new plugin works for any Java application and any Spring application. Provided that the runtime is Java, it can work on  Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. It also works on containerized applications and Kubernetes.

Complexity Struggle

Ozal described how monitoring systems “has had and still has its unique challenges,” in need of alternatives for monitoring and fixing problems without impeding the execution times of applications functions. At the same time, Ozal noted how applications built today are increasingly created with the use of third-party services, such as  DynamoDB and  SQS, online retail services, including  Twilio and  Stripe, and services that in-house DevOps team members provide in support of application development and operations management.

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