Custom Maven Plugin in Mule 4

Custom Maven Plugin in Mule 4

raml-sync-checker custom Maven plugin is used to check if the RAML in mule 4 app - API implementation is in sync with the RAML published in Anypoint Exchange.

Problem Faced

Last week, I received a minor Change Requirement from the Client to add a field in the API Specs (RAML)

The requirement was critical, and so I quickly made the RAML change in code, pushed it to Github Repo, and got it merged to Dev. 

What I missed was: updating the same change in the corresponding API in exchange.

Though I pushed those changes to exchange the next day (I got another Change Request, and while publishing the RAML change to Exchange, I remembered what I missed. 

By the way, we do have a checklist to be followed for every new CR that is raised, but the change was so minor and critical, that I neglected the Checklist!

What is RAML Sync Verifier Plugin?

The custom plugin:

  • Checks if the Raml in API implementation project is in Sync with the Raml in Exchange
  • Gives you options to pass various configurations
  • Fails the build if the RAMLs are not in sync with each other (This configuration can be turned off).

Why Is It Required

The RAML published to Exchange and the Raml in your API implementation should be in SYNC for a particular environment. 

There are plenty of good reasons for that: 

  • Maintaining consistency of code
  • Version control
  • Reusing Fragments and canonicals 

Note: Adding the API ID (From API Manager) and Autodiscovery will not make the RAML in code in sync with exchange. 

I hate making the same mistake twice (At least when it comes to Tech Stuff!), so I created a very simple custom Maven plugin, which, during the build process, checks if the RAMLS are in sync.

I will be describing briefly about the Plugin code, and the complete code with example mule app can be found at GitHub Repo

Knowledge about developing Maven Custom Plugin
  • Knowledge about Mule 4 apps and Anypoint Platform
  • Anypoint Studio Installed 
  • Maven installed 
  • Eclipse installed
  • Valid AnyPoint Credentials
  • Have developed a simple Mule app with a basic API spec in design center using above credentials

About the Code

Project Structure

Project structure

The Plugin has just one Mojo. A Java mojo consists simply of a single class representing one plugin's goal.

Exchange API Used 

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