The Easiest way to convert your React App into React-PWA

In this video, I’ve Shown you how can you Make your own installable PWA with your existing react app without any major changes…


If you’re not seeing the serviceWorker.js file in your CRA then apparently you are using CRA v4 and the CRA v4 has removed the service worker file and has made it opt in feature.

Use this command while installing the app “npx create-react-app my-app --template cra-template-pwa” and you’re good to go. Rest, everything in this video is still valid for making react-PWA

You can see here for more info :

Github Repo :
Live Demo:
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0:00 - Introduction
0:45 - Taking Inspiration from Twitter
1:32 - Requirements of PWA
2:29 - Getting Icons
3:25 - Changing favicon
4:30 - manifest.json and resizing image
9:00 - Re-editing manifest.json
10:32 - Activating Service-Worker
11:54 - Deployment on Netlify (HTTPS)
12:30 - Final result on Desktop
13:32 - Install our App on Mobile
14:32 - Give your feedback
14:46 - Subscribe, Like and Share this video

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The Easiest way to convert your React App into React-PWA