Istio and 5 Things You Need to Know About it in 2021

Istio and 5 Things You Need to Know About it in 2021

Istio is an open-source service mesh tool developed by Google, IBM and Lyft, a layer of control built directly into an application to manage how different parts of an application speak with one another. It extends the Kubernetes container management by using the Envoy service proxy to establish an aware, programmable network within that application.

Istio is used to further modernize microservices based apps and backends by securing, connecting, and monitoring the functions and containers and other moving parts of the system. Istio improves on the Kubernetes container orchestration tool by injecting additional security, management and monitoring containers into each pod.

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00:00 - Intro

02:39 - What is Istio

04:30 - What is Istio user for

07:00 - Istio pros

09:27 - Istio cons

11:21 - Who’s using Istio


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#istio #kubernetes #servicemesh #microservices

Istio and 5 Things You Need to Know About it in 2021