How to push additional fields to a javascript array from an oData result

How to push additional fields to a javascript array from an oData result

I have a ramdom array in javascript

I have a ramdom array in javascript

var dataModel = [];

I've queried an oData url and I want to fill the result in my dataModel [] array. And, for each item I want to add additional fields
        null, [],
        function (oData, oResponse) {
            var data = oData.results;

        data.forEach(function (item) {
            //Add the object 
            //I want to add additional fields to every object in data 
            dataModel.push(item.ObjectType = "Chevron");
            dataModel.push(item.HierarchyNodeLevel = 0);
            dataModel.push(item.IsCriticalPath = false);
            dataModel.push(item.IsProjectMilestone = false);
            dataModel.push(item.DrillDownState = "expanded");
            dataModel.push(item.Magnitude = 5);


Note : the ObjectType , DrillDownState , Magnitude (etc...) are the fields that I want to add with their values Chevron, 0, false (etc...)

Below is a screenshot of the current result :

But I want to add the additional properties inside each item and not outside , what I am doing wrong? In other word, I want the additional fields to be inside the metadata

Below is a sc of where I would like to add the items :

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