IoT and AI - The Perfect Match

IoT and AI - The Perfect Match

AI and IOT are very popular these days. Let's understand Why IoT and AI together make the perfect match!

Why IoT and AI together make the perfect match!

Statistics suggest that a whopping 64 billion IoT devices can be speculated by 2025. When we talk about the latest technologies shaping the IT industry, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things are often top the list. No wonder these technologies complement each other so well. The duet has revamped the conventional solutions both on the industrial and business fronts.

Consolidating IoT with AI can help us make _Intelligent Machine_s. These smart automation systems not only help in facilitating the monotonous tasks but making witty decisions without even the slightest of human involvement.

How AI enhances IoT-based Systems?

A typical IoT system integrates various sensors, servo motors, either on an Arduino board or Raspberry pi board. This integrated circuit is then fit into the device that is intended to be made smart. Now, these devices generate data. The data can either be structured or unstructured. The devices actually become smart when they invoke the experiential analysis from this data. This is where AI comes into the picture.

Both IoT and AI have their part to play. IoT server generates humongous data, while AI has the potential to decipher and derive insights from it. Hence, by coupling both the capabilities, one can establish an intelligent-acting system.

Businesses and Enterprises across verticals can leverage the IoT-based analysis to make efficacious decisions and creative plans. An artificial Intelligence-based IoT-system can also provide enhanced security and confidentiality.

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