Why Windows Doesn’t Deserve Its Popularity

Why Windows Doesn’t Deserve Its Popularity

Windows, as many of you know, is owned by Microsoft and costs an absurd amount of money. Why would anyone pay that much for an ...

Okay, it was really the only operating system other than Apple’s OS that was useable and the CEO of Microsoft in 2001 said this,

“Linux is a cancer”

— Steve Ballmer

This statement was probably true because Linux wasn’t as developed as Windows and wasn’t really popular compared to today.

But now, have the tides turned.

What’s wrong about Windows?

Window, you may say, does not have that many downsides, right?


Here are a few that downsides:

  • Bloatware, which is how much useless fluff is on the OS
  • Malware Problems
  • Window tracks you

These are probably the main three, which I think of first.

Let’s talk about Window’s bloatware. Window’s back in the day was known for being lightweight and easy to use. But now there are many ads across the menu. Like, why, why would anyone pay 100 DOLLARS for ADS.

You may ask if Windows is so bloated, then how is Linux so lightweight? Well, the answer is that there are no ads, and Linux is open source and free. You can also choose the programs to install if you use Arch Linux and install it from that. Even if you install a distribution with a desktop environment like KDE, use it for a few months, you will still get around 100 processed and maybe even 75. Windows has 150 when installed and around 100 after you debloat it. And this number gets high and higher the more applications you install.

If you are still interested, ram usage is around 1 GB of ram use on idle. And on Linux, you will have around 500 GB ram usage. These statics are right when installing the OS.

Malware problems are also quite big, but I suspect this is because it is so popular, and so many hackers only specialize in hacking Windows. But you can decide on this one.

A big problem that can’t be ignored is that Microsoft tracks what you are doing and also updates your system. You may be able to stop it, but it will eventually update by itself, and some applications and parts of the desktop will be messed up.

Why would you use Windows?

I know there are a lot of people who like Windows and think it’s a great OS. Well, it might be, but I can only find one reason to use it. Its got a lot of people using it.

This leads to Windows being better at gaming because there is more support for more games. Also, if something goes wrong there are probably people who already encountered the problem and have a solution. Windows also has a lot of applications that are only made for it, like macOS. But if fewer people were using it and it got less support. Would you actually use Windows? Just think about that.

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