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An Simple PHP Webshell Manager

An Simple PHP Webshell Manager


Shellmon is a tool used to create and control a webshell remotely, created using the Python3 programming language using the "Object Oriented" method. The resulting webshell has been coded very simply and has a size of no more than 80 bytes. It provides an interactive shell in your terminal that makes it easy for you to create or control a webshell.


The installation process of this tool is quite easy, it does not use an external python modules that makes your computer's storage space a bit filled.

Please download this repository or you can also clone the repository using git by typing the following command in your terminal:

git clone https://github.com/22XploiterCrew-Team/Shellmon

after that move the pre-work directory in your terminal to the shellmon directory.


Simple interactive shell commands make it easy to run this tool.

type python shellmon.py in the terminal screen to display the help command. 


If you want to generate a new webshell, you just need to type this command in the terminal

python shellmon.py -p yourpassword --generate

webshell files will be automatically saved in your current pre-employment directory, filenames will be auto-generated with number format 0-9 and use .php extension.

Content webshell:


actually the above code can still be made simpler like this


but I'm worried that the server will send the status code 500 Internal Server Error, because this tool also checks the response code from the server and only receives the response code 200 OK.

Furthermore, if you want to connect your uploaded webshell to the target server, you just need to type this command on the terminal screen

python shellmon.py -u https://target.com -p yourpassword

display if successfully connected result

 you can also customize PHP shell functions by using the --func [function] argument, by default the function used is system.

Download Details: 
Author: 22XploiterCrew-Team
Source Code: https://github.com/22XploiterCrew-Team/Shellmon 
License: MIT License


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An Simple PHP Webshell Manager

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