How To Save Multiple Checkboxes Values in React js

How To Save Multiple Checkboxes Values in React js

How To Save Multiple Checkboxes Values in React js. We will see how we can manage multiple checkboxes in react and save the values in the mongodb database.

In this tutorial, we will see How To Save Multiple Checkboxes Values in React js. If you are building a web application, then there are lots of form controls we need to create an interactive user form. The checkbox is one of the most used form control in a web application. We will take three checkboxes and user can check multiple boxes and save its values inside MongoDB  database. As we know, form control values are always controlled by React.js  state. So when the user submits the form, we need only to send the values of checkboxes whose values are valid or whose checkbox values are checked. We save the values as a String in a MongoDB ** database. We use *Node.js ** as a platform. There are many ways you can save multiple checkbox values in React js inside the *MongoDB  database.

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