Create Redux-like Middleware for useReducer in React

Create Redux-like Middleware for useReducer in React

Now that useReducer has become a commonly used react hook, we might want to replicate the idea of middleware for the useReducer hook as…

If you have used Redux before, you would be aware of the concept of middlewares. Now that useReducer has become a commonly used react hook, we might want to replicate the idea of middleware for the useReducer hook as well.

If you do not know about middlewares, middlewares are functions that run either before or after a state transition has taken place by the reducer. It enables us to opt-in for features such as logging, crash reporting, making asynchronous API requests, etc.

In this post, we will be creating a middleware for useReducer react hook. If you want to read more about the hook and reducers in general, refer to our previous post about the useReducer React hook.

Possible approaches for creating the middleware for useReducer

We can implement the middleware functionality in one of two ways:

1. Writing an applyMiddleware function similar to redux. This function will take in the first parameter as the reducer, and we pass the middlewares as an array in the second parameter.

This would look something like this:

const useMyReducer = applyMiddleware(useReducer, [logging, thunks, ...]);

You can read more about this approach as part of this GitHub issue. The final implementation can be found here.

2. We can create a custom react hook which internally implements useReducer and gives us the functionality of passing in the middlewares as a parameter.

We will be talking about the second approach in this blog post. The first approach is acceptable too. But my opinion is that if we are thinking in terms of hooks, we should move forward with respect to hooks instead of holding on to redux patterns.

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