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A pure CSS library for radial lists and menus

Radial menu and radial list

A pure CSS library for inline lists and menus around a circle, flexible and customizable

A radial layout organizes a list of items in a circle around a central element called pivot. Radial lists always show the items around the pivot, while radial menus use the pivot as a clickable toggle button to show and hide the items. Both lists and menus can be placed inline next to the boxes of other elements and text strings. Both the central pivot and the individual items can contain icons, text and labels, and can be hypertext links.

What is a radial menu?

It looks like an icon or a small text (or anything with a square or circular look) that when clicked opens into a circular menu of options, either a full circle or a small list of items.

before and after state

How to use it

Download and include in your HTML page the radialMenu.css file, and create a menu with the following code:

  	<div class="radial menu">
		<input id="radialMenu" type="checkbox">
		<label class="radialPivot" for="radialMenu">
			<span class='far fa-compass'></span>
			<span class="sronly">Show menu items</span>
		<ul class="radialList compass" role="navigation" aria-label="menu items">
			<li class="icon"><a href="javascript:alert(`Go North`)">N</a></li>
			<li class="f1"><a href="javascript:alert(`Go North North East`)">&#183;</a></li>
			<li class="f1"><a href="javascript:alert(`Go North East`)">NE</a></li>
			<li class="f1"><a href="javascript:alert(`Go East North East`)">&#183;</a></li>
			<li class="icon"><a href="javascript:alert(`Go East`)">E</a></li>
			<li class="f1"><a href="javascript:alert(`Go East South East`)">&#183;</a></li>
			<li class="f1"><a href="javascript:alert(`Go South East`)">SE</a></li>
			<li class="f1"><a href="javascript:alert(`Go South South East`)">&#183;</a></li>
			<li class="icon"><a href="javascript:alert(`Go South`)">S</a></li>
			<li class="f1"><a href="javascript:alert(`Go South South hWest`)">&#183;</a></li>
			<li class="f1"><a href="javascript:alert(`Go South West`)">SW</a></li>
			<li class="f1"><a href="javascript:alert(`Go West South West`)">&#183;</a></li>

and you’re good to go.


You can look at some extensive documentation and showcase at


This CSS library is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License, v. 2.0. See Additionally, inclusions of this library, modified or not, in packages and libraries for web development is possible under an agreement with the copyright holders.

Download Details:

Author: fvitali

Source Code:

#css #javascript

What is GEEK

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A pure CSS library for radial lists and menus

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HI Python

HI Python


Beyonic API Python Example Using Flask, Django, FastAPI

Beyonic API Python Examples.

The beyonic APIs Docs Reference:

Discuss Beyonic API on slack

The Beyonic API is a representational state transfer, REST based application programming interface that lets you extend the Beyonic dashboard features into your application and systems, allowing you to build amazing payment experiences.

With the Beyonic API you can:

  • Receive and send money and prepaid airtime.
  • List currencies and networks supported by the Beyonic API.
  • Check whether a bank is supported by the Beyonic API.
  • View your account transactions history.
  • Add, retrieve, list, and update contacts to your Beyonic account.
  • Use webhooks to send notifications to URLs on your server that when specific events occur in your Beyonic account (e.g. payments).

Getting Help

For usage, general questions, and discussions the best place to go to is Beyhive Slack Community, also feel free to clone and edit this repository to meet your project, application or system requirements.

To start using the Beyonic Python API, you need to start by downloading the Beyonic API official Python client library and setting your secret key.

Install the Beyonic API Python Official client library

>>> pip install beyonic

Setting your secrete key.

To set the secrete key install the python-dotenv modeule, Python-dotenv is a Python module that allows you to specify environment variables in traditional UNIX-like “.env” (dot-env) file within your Python project directory, it helps us work with SECRETS and KEYS without exposing them to the outside world, and keep them safe during development too.

Installing python-dotenv modeule

>>> pip install python-dotenv

Creating a .env file to keep our secrete keys.

>>> touch .env

Inside your .env file specify the Beyonic API Token .

.env file

BEYONIC_ACCESS_KEY = "enter your API "

You will get your API Token by clicking your user name on the bottom left of the left sidebar menu in the Beyonic web portal and selecting ‘Manage my account’ from the dropdown menu. The API Token is shown at the very bottom of the page.

import os 
import beyonic
from dotenv import load_dotenv 


myapi = os.environ['BEYONIC_ACCESS_KEY']

beyonic.api_key = myapi 

# Listing account: Working. 
accounts = beyonic.Account.list() 

#Listing currencies: Not working yet.
supported_currencies = beyonic.Currency.list()

Supported currencies are: USD, UGX, KES, BXC, GHS, TZS, RWF, ZMW, MWK, BIF, EUR, XAF, GNF, XOF, XOF

#Listing networks: Not working yet.
networks = beyonic.Network.list()

#Listing transactions: Working. 
transactions = beyonic.Transaction.list()

#Listing contact: Working. 
mycontacts = beyonic.Contact.list() 

#Listing events: Not working yet.
events = beyonic.Event.list()

Error: AttributeError: module 'beyonic' has no attribute 'Event'

Docker file

FROM python:3.8-slim-buster

COPY . .

COPY ./requirements.txt ./requirements.txt


RUN pip install -r requirements.txt

CMD [ "python3", "" ]

Build docker image called demo

>>> docker build -t bey .

Run docker image called demo

>>>docker run -t -i bey 

Now, I’ll create a Docker compose file to run a Docker container using the Docker image we just created.

version: "3.6"
    build: .
    command: python
      - .:/pythonBeyonicExamples

Now we are going to run the following command from the same directory where the docker-compose.yml file is located. The docker compose up command will start and run the entire app.

docker compose up


NB: The screenshot below might differ according to your account deatils and your transcations in deatils.

docker compose up preview

To stop the container running on daemon mode use the below command.

docker compose stop


docker compose preview

Contributing to this repository. All contributions, bug reports, bug fixes, enhancements, and ideas are welcome, You can get in touch with me on twitter @HarunMbaabu.

Download Details:
Author: HarunMbaabu
Source Code:

#api #python #flask #django #fastapi 

anita maity

anita maity


Sidebar Menu Using Only HTML and CSS | Side Navigation Bar

how to create a Sidebar Menu using HTML and CSS only. Previously I have shared a Responsive Navigation Menu Bar using HTML & CSS only, now it’s time to create a Side Navigation Menu Bar that slides from the left or right side.


#sidebar menu using html css #side navigation menu html css #css side navigation menu bar #,pure css sidebar menu #side menu bar html css #side menu bar using html css

Neumorphism Card Design using HTML and CSS | Pure CSS Card

#css #html #pure css card #html and css #design

Alayna  Rippin

Alayna Rippin


Creating a CSS Visual Cheatsheet

The other day one of our students asked about possibility of having a CSS cheatsheet to help to decide on the best suited approach when doing this or that layout.

This evolved into the idea of making a visual CSS cheatsheet with all (most) of the common patterns we see everyday and one of the best possible conceptual implementation for them.

In the end any layout could and should be split into parts/blocks and we see every block separately.

Here is our first take on that and we would be happy to keep extending it to help us all.

Please, send you suggestions in the comments in community or via gitlab for the repeated CSS patterns with your favourite implementation for that so that we will all together make this as useful as it can be.

#css #css3 #cascading-style-sheets #web-development #html-css #css-grids #learning-css #html-css-basics