Getting Started with Git

Getting Started with Git

Getting Started with Git. A day one guide to getting started and feeling comfortable working with Git. Looking to get started with Git and GitHub? It’s also important to note that Git is not the same thing as GitHub or GitLab. While now and while there are some alternatives to Git.

A day one guide to getting started and feeling comfortable working with Git.

Generally I would advise against _prioritizing the memorization _of any particular syntax right away, however if you are looking to make your way into the Tech industry in 2021 and beyond, you will almost certainly encounter some sort of version control system and well.. it’s always better to be prepared right?

Before we dive into this, it’s important to understand what Git is and why we use it in order to be effective with it. It’s also important to note that Git is not the same thing as GitHub or GitLab.

Git has been the cool kid on the block for a while now and while there are some alternatives to Git, it doesn’t appear to be stepping down from the top anytime soon. Some of the primary reasons it has been adopted as an industry standard are for its branching and merging capabilities, variations of workflows, the data assurance, it’s also lightning fast and open source.

What does Git really do?

To put it in plain english, when and _only when _we tell it too, Git will take a snapshot of our code. With this snapshot, we can do things such as compare changes & merge it with other snapshots from our team mates and so on.

Git really becomes powerful when used in collaboration with GitHub or GitLab as they both provide a graphical interface which is almost always preferred over the terminal. Both interfaces offer their own individual perks however for the most part they serve the same overall purpose.

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