Need to Node – Volume 69

Need to Node – Volume 69

In this special edition of Need to Node, you can find the top 10 highlights in Node.js in 2020!

In this special edition of Need to Node, you can find the top 10 highlights in Node.js in 2020!

Need to Node is a weekly bulletin designed to keep you up-to-date with the latest news on the Node.js project, events and articles. You are always welcome to collaborate and participate. Please let us know if we missed a piece of content you think should be included!

10)  Node.js 14 became LTS, and  Node.js 15 is current.

9) EventTarget:

Events and event handling are central to JavaScript. An EventTarget is a JavaScript object that is associated with a list of event types, i.e. strings, on which event listeners can be registered for one of those event types and on which events can be dispatched. When an event of a given type is dispatched, the event listeners for that event type are called.

In other words EventTarget is a DOM interface implemented by objects that can receive events and may have listeners for them! Find out more in this  article

8) Experimental Support for WebAssembly System Interface:

In 2020, Node.js added experimental support for WebAssembly System Interface (WASI). This means that if you are running a recent version of Node.js, you can natively start a WASI instance and execute WebAssembly modules in a sandboxed environment, and granularly pass environment variables, arguments, or file handles to the process running in the module.

To learn more, you can check this  article.

7) QUIC Protocol:

This new experimental UDP-based transport protocol is intended to ultimately replace the use of TCP for all HTTP traffic.

UDP is notoriously unreliable, with packets frequently being lost, reordered, duplicated, and so forth. UDP does not include any of the reliability and sequencing guarantees of TCP that are strictly required for a higher-level protocol such as HTTP. That is where QUIC comes in.

The QUIC protocol defines a layer on top of UDP that introduces error handling, reliability, flow control, and built-in security (via TLS 1.3) to UDP. And it’s super useful because QUIC introduces Inherent Flexibility, Security & Reduced Latency.

6) AbortController:

When we are working with Fetch or other async functions in JavaScript, sometimes, we may want to cancel them. So, AbortController provides a standardized and easy way to cancel asynchronous tasks. The AbortController interface represents a controller object that allows you to abort one or more requests as and when desired.

5) AsyncLocalStorage:

Node.js v 14 which was released in April, brought AsyncLocalStorage support.

Because Node is single threaded, you do not have the benefits of thread local storage, so to store data in asynchronous contexts we can use AsyncLocalStorage. To learn more about this topic you can read this  great article here.


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