Why to hire dedicated react native developers in India ?

Why to hire dedicated react native developers in India ?

In this digital world business from many industry verticals are integrating latest trending technologies  to stay on the top of the competit...

In this digital world business from many industry verticals are integrating latest trending technologies to stay on the top of the competition.Today most of the companies from US and European countries are choosing India for custom software development outsourcing.There are lots of reasons which makes business to take advantages of latest trending technologies like Artificial Intelligence,machine learning,chatbot,blockchain,IoT etc.Lets have look at why companies hire developers in India.

Best and Large Pool of Talents

India has the largest technical/professional talent pool in the world.Having such skillforce help companies to hire dedicated developers at an affordable price.

Communication skills

India is the second largestcountry in the world which is having a good English-speaking . Good communication plays an important role in the development of the project, with most countries outsourcing their project based on language compatibility. Choosing an IT service provider in India enables companies to share information smoothly.

Quality work

It is sure that businesses will develop projects at an affordable price in India, which does not mean less quality. In India companies will get global quality standards.Most of the companies in India having the quality certification standards like

  • Capability maturity model(CMM)
  • ISO 9000(International standards organization)
  • Six sigma quality certification
  • TQM(Total quality management)
  • COPC(customer operations performance centre)
  • Affordable price

India has the lowest prices for IT consultancy services compared to other countries such as the US, UK , Australia and Singapore.

Indian developers have the best potential and are also up-to - date with the latest technological developments to provide the company with the best frequency solution. We can see an attitude in the developers to offer the best product and also something extra. It makes the most preferable to Indian developers.

React native app development

React native is the open source framework that allows developers to develop mobile applications that will run on both Android and iOS platforms.It is developed by Facebook.Some of the trending apps like Instagram,Skype,Uber-Eats,Walmart,Discovery VR,Delievery.com etc are developed using react native.Most of the business are drifting to react native and hire dedicated react native developers in India.Following are the benefits of react native app development

Cost effective app development

It enables the creation of cost-effective cross-platform applications, UI elements are unique to each platform with a similar code base for both Android and iOS, and debugging time is also less due to common codes.

Pre-built components

These pre-built components make the app development faster.For some functions that need to be deployed in your app and which you can use completely free of cost, it is likely that some developers have already written down the code. ** Having a large community**

The best advantage of react native is the native community has enormous and free access to documents and personal experiences that are an opportunity for developers.

Live and Hot Reloading

Live Reloading is a tool that helps to compile and read the file where the developer has made the modifications. It also gives the stimulator a new file, reading the app automatically from the beginning.

Hot Reloading is based on the Replacement Hot Module (HMR) and was initiated after the initial reloading process. While there is not much difference in functions and functionality, when saving the modifications, the key factor comes into play.

Code reusability

Almost 90% of the React Native code can be reused between iOS and Android,developers do not need to create a separate mobile app for each platform.

Above are some of the reasons which make react native popular.In India react native is one of the technology trending among the developers as most of the business demanding react native and Hire react native developers in India.So if you want to speed up the development use a codebase that can be shared across devices, is highly scalable, and has good mobile performance, then it is definitely worth considering this JavaScript framework.


Hope you got an idea about react native framework and benefits of react native app development and also why to Hire react native programmers in india .So to make your business more smart with less cost develop an app using react native ,hire react native app developer who has experience in your business vertical.

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