Using Git to Open Modified or Changed Files Since Previous Commit

Using Git to Open Modified or Changed Files Since Previous Commit

Save yourself time when coming back to previous work using the git commands diff, status and a bit of bash.

If you want to skip to the goods, this is the command that we will be working up to:

$EDITOR `echo $(git diff --name-only HEAD~ HEAD) $(git status --porcelain | awk '{print $2}')`

Simplifying The Burden of Retracing Steps

Frequent context switching between tasks, returning to yesterday’s work or thinking about how to continue an old project that hasn’t been touched in a while can make any energetic coder feel drained in less time than expected. When you’re in this spot, your tasks may include:

  1. Remembering what problem(s) you were working on
  2. Prioritizing and deciding what the most responsible steps would be to take next in progressing towards your project’s goal
  3. Re-orienting yourself with the code you were in the middle of writing last time (whether you ended your coding session off with a clean repository or not)

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