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It's a law of life, just know that you have a deadline to write my essay at the University and that you have hundreds of additional activities that require your attention and that you must take care of urgently.

That's right, even if you are not aware of it, it is your brain that is directing your will and seeking immediate satisfaction, as opposed to the long-term rewards.

It is this immediacy in feeling satisfied that makes us talk about the "urgency effect".

The studies that confirm the tendency of our brain to procrastinate

Earlier this year, a new study shed light on human behavior that tends to lead us to perform small priority tasks first, postponing the really important and conditioning obligations.

This is due to the brain's interpretation of these obligations, since important activities with big results mean reaching a more distant goal, while urgent tasks, but with less relevance, translate into a real and palpable calm and satisfaction at once.

That's why, during the week of countdown you have to deliver your project, you will decide to update your pc folders, answer several accumulated mails or remember to make an appointment with the dentist, as soon as possible.

How to control the brain so that it does not predict so easily

Planning and rationalizing your obligations is a good way to overcome an excessive procrastination that can lead to remedial stress situations.

A very simple exercise is to make a clear division and evaluation of the tasks, placing the labels of: Urgent or not urgent and important or not important.

According to the quadrant they occupy, you will know if you should put yourself with them or you can dedicate your attention to them once you have fulfilled your true priorities.

To fool your brain it is very useful that, after evaluating the importance of your pending, urgent and priority tasks, you organize them in small tasks and apply a process of micro progress, so that you can reach small peaks that, in a short time, will become the great result you are looking for.

Remember that letting your brain wander and stop in other activities can be very beneficial for your creative capacity, as long as you keep your levels of productivity and commitment to your obligations at bay.

Also, allow him/her to do activities that he/she enjoys, is distracted and that provide him/her with a healthy state. So, you know, pamper your brain from time to time and let it be a little whimsical.


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