10 Top Angular Development Companies In India For 2021 (Updated)

10 Top Angular Development Companies In India For 2021 (Updated)

A list of 10 best angular web app development companies in India for 2021. These angular development firms are known for quality services

Angular is an open-source front-end framework developed by Google for building dynamic, modern web applications. The framework first introduced in 2009 and over the years has gained tremendous traction as it eliminated redundant code and made applications lighter and faster.

After a rapid evolution from AngularJS in 2010 to Angular 5 in 2017, over 44.3% of software engineers use the front-end framework to build user interfaces (Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2017).

Supported by Google

One of the most significant advantages of Angular is that Google supports it. The best part is the Long Term Support (LTS) from Google. It suggests that Google is sticking with it and will continue to expand the Angular ecosystem.

Google apps also use this framework, and their team is very optimistic about the stability of Angular. Also, other Angular developers will have a golden opportunity to learn from certified professionals. **

Why you need Angular - TypeScript ** Angular applications built using the TypeScript language, a JavaScript superset that ensures greater security as it supports types (primitives, interfaces, etc.). It helps to detect and correct errors promptly when writing code or performing maintenance tasks.

Unlike CoffeeScript or Dart, TypeScript is not a stand-alone language. With TypeScript, you can take existing JS ES5 or ES2015+ JS code, and it will compile it based on the settings you made. It fully supports the core features of ES2015 and ES2016/ES2017, such as decorators or async/await.

You could debug TypeScript code directly in the browser or an editor if you created the appropriate map files during the build. This language provides improved navigation, reformatting, and autocomplete services. You can even do without the built-in features if you need to.

| Declarative user interface

Angular uses HTML to define the user interface of the application. HTML, compared to JavaScript, is a less complex language. HTML is also a declarative and intuitive language.

How does this help? You don't have to invest your time in program flows and deciding what to load first. You define what you need, and Angular will take care of it.


With Angular, you don't need an additional getter and setter functions. That's because every object it uses is a POJO (Plain Old JavaScript Object), which allows you to manipulate objects by providing all the traditional JavaScript functionality. You can remove or add properties from things, and you can also browse them as needed.

| Easy testing

In Angular, testing is straightforward. Angular.js modules feature the parts of the application that are easy to manipulate. By separating the modules, you can load the necessary services while efficiently performing automated testing. You don't even have to remember the order of loading modules if you follow the "one file - one module" principle.

| Simplified MVC pattern

The Angular framework built into the original MVC (Model-View-Controller) software architecture However, it does not conform to established standards. Angular does not require developers to split an application into different MVC components and create code that connects them.

Instead, it just asks you to divide up the application and takes care of everything else. Therefore, the design structure of Angular and MVVM (Model-View-Model) are pretty similar.

Angular ensures easy development because it eliminates the need for redundant code. It has a simplified MVC architecture, which makes it unnecessary to write getters and setters. Another team can handle directives as they are not part of the application code. Overall, developers are promised less coding, along with lighter and faster applications. And according to Amazon, every 100 milliseconds improvement in page load speed led to a 1% increase in revenue.

| Modularity

Angular organizes code into buckets, be they components, instructions, pipes, or services. Those familiar with Angular refer to these buckets as modules. Modules make it easy to organize the application's functionality by separating it into reusable features and pieces. Modules also allow lazy loading, paving the way for loading application features in the background or on-demand.

Angular makes it possible to divide the work between different team members while ensuring organized code. You can get the most out of modules when you have a proper understanding of them. Developers can improve productivity by building appropriate modules.

| Code consistency

Every code base requires consistent coding. A writer knows how important consistency is in his content. We know that if the content doesn't resonate with readers on a deeper level at any touchpoint, we're in a downward spiral of lead conversions. Coding is no different.

Inconsistent coding increases the risks of a delayed launch or increased costs. In contrast, consistent coding has many advantages, such as making websites more usable and allowing predefined templates or code snippets.

The Angular framework base on elements that start with the same style For example, each component puts code in a component class or defines a @Component decorator (metadata). These components are small interface elements that are independent of each other and therefore offer you many advantages, such as

| Reusability

Angular's component-based structure makes components highly reusable throughout your application. You can build the UI (user interface) with moving parts, ensuring a smooth development process for developers.

| Simplified unit testing

Being independent of each other, components make unit testing much more straightforward.

| Improved readability

Consistency in coding makes reading code a breeze for new developers on an ongoing project, which increases their productivity.

| Ease of maintenance

can replace disconnected components and can be replaced with better implementations. In short, it allows efficient maintenance and updating of the code. If you are looking for angular developer you can contact top Angular development companies in India.


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