What is Launchpool (LPOOL) | What is Launchpool token | What is LPOOL token

What is Launchpool (LPOOL) | What is Launchpool token | What is LPOOL token

Launchpool believe all project stakeholders are as important as each other. Investment funds and communities should work side by side on projects, on the same terms, towards the same goals. Launchpool harnesses their strengths, and aligns their incentives, so that the sum is greater than its constituent parts. What is Launchpool (LPOOL) | What is Launchpool token | What is LPOOL token


Launchpool views investing in blockchain projects as fractured. Different stakeholders are not aligned, this is to the detriment of all involved. Launchpool believes crypto investing should be egalitarian, all project stakeholder groups are as important as each other. Launchpool harnesses their strengths, and aligns their incentives, so that the sum is greater than its constituent parts, and projects are a success for all.

Curated and enabled by Alphabit, FBG, Protocol Ventures, Jun Capital, GBIC, Alpha Sigma Capital, Master Ventures and A195; Launchpool leverages communities, knowledge, expertise, contacts and capital to provide crypto projects with the best possible start to life, maximising their chances for success in this fast moving and dynamic space.

Launchpool $LPOOL Explained

Launchpool connects varied stakeholders in the crypto community; including funds, community, marketers and experts, incentivising all.

Funds provide a portion of their deal flow to the Launchpool platform at prices exclusive to early investors. $LPOOL holders stake $LPOOL to access a related portion of the deal on offer. $LPOOL holders are a community of investors, growth hackers, influencers, experts, customers, traders and knowledgeable industry participants who combine to form an incentivised community around the project they have invested in.

$LPOOL will be available as a free reward for staking various tokens on the Launchpool platform during the $LPOOL token distribution phase.

How Launchpool Staking Works, and its Benefits for Varied Stakeholders

Launchpool offers unique incentives for $LPOOL stakers, most notably project tokens can be obtained at the same price large crypto investment funds get them, promoting equality among stakeholders. This also provides transparency and negates any party having any advantages over another.

Benefits for **$LPOOL Holders**

There are four key benefits for $LPOOL token holders:

  1. Access to projects at the earliest rounds, enabling investors to access best prices without the associated minimum threshold reserved for investment funds.
  2. Peace of mind investments are made in to bona fide projects that have been vetted on a number of levels.
  3. Chance to become a meaningful part of new project’s communities.

Benefits for New Projects

There are five key benefits for new projects who participate in the Launchpool:

  1. Promotion through association with some of the industry’s most recognisable names.
  2. Leverage contacts and industry know-how of some of the most successful funds in the sector.
  3. A ready made community keen to engage.
  4. A diverse customer base.
  5. Capital.

Benefits for Investment Funds

There are four key benefits for investment funds who participate in the Launchpool:

  1. Engaged communities that can leverage the power of the crowd and turbocharge growth hacking.
  2. Community curation and feedback. Deeper insights into why and how projects are successful.
  3. Secure more top quality projects.
  4. Opportunity to give something back and to be closer to the crypto community.

Token Distribution

The Launchpool has a total of 10 million tokens; all tokens will be distributed over 90 days save for operational tokens used to provide liquidity. (each day 94,444 tokens will be distributed) as follows:

  • 25% Staking Rewards — $LPOOL distributed by staking into Launchpool staking pools.
  • 25% Endeavour Rewards — $LPOOL distributed to community members that provide value to Launchpool and Launchpool projects
  • 15% Founding Funds — $LPOOL reward for the funds putting their name and reputation towards Launchpool. Providing deal flow, contacts and advice.
  • *20% Seed and Strategic Round *— $LPOOL placed with industry figures to ensure the short and long term health of the project.
  • 15% Operations and Reserves — $LPOOL used to provide and manage liquidity on initial listing. Once the pool is sustainable Launchpool will use to assist with the growth and resilience of the platform.

The tokens available for staking are chosen by the founding funds hoping to raise the profile of their projects. All tokens can be withdrawn by staking participants at any point, so that no one is locked in.

Each staking pool provides the same amount of rewards; the amount of $LPOOL a staker receives will be dependent on the amount of funds currently staked. There will be 2 weeks of promotion before staking goes live so that all participants have the same opportunity to stake from the same time.


Launchpool intends to be fully compliant with all regulations in the jurisdictions in which it operates. The $LPOOL token distribution phase is available in most jurisdictions without participants required to submit to KYC. However, where projects launching on Launchpool are raising funds, KYC will be necessary.

Launchpool Staking Phase 1

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It is our intention to treat all our community equally. This starts with Phase 1.

Token distribution starts on February the 22nd at block number 11907635. Round about 12pm UTC and will finish at block 12501221; we expect this to be 90 days later. Tokens are distributed every block. You can withdraw $LPOOL at any time with no forfeit.

Tokens that can be staked to earn $LPOOL are (only ERC20 versions):

1inch: 1inch.exchange ($1INCH) (max 2000)

Bondly: bondly.finance ($BONDLY) (max 27500)

Rune: thorchain.org (ERC20 $RUNE) (max 2200)

Uniswap: uniswap.info ($UNI) (max 500)

Polkastarter: polkastarter.com($POLS) (max 4000)

Sushi : sushiswap.fi ($SUSHI) (max 690)

ShareRing: sharering.network ($SHR) (max 500000)

Standard Tokenization Protocol: stp.network ($STPT) (max 350000)

PAID Network: paidnetwork.com ($PAID) (max 3100)

We have chosen these as we believe these communities are best placed to join, and be part of, our community.

APY is dependent on the price of our token $LPOOL and the Total Locked Value (TVL) in the pool. So we cannot know this prior to the pools going live.

The bigger the community the more weight (i.e. token distribution) the pool will have. However the distribution is relatively equal amongst these tokens.

There will also be two $LPOOL pools. One will be naked $LPOOL and the other will be a ETH/LPOOL uniV2 token pool, sometimes referred to as a pool 2. These two pools will have a greater token distribution than the other pools and thus their APY should mean they’re advantageous to be a part of.

The pools will be open for staking on Monday the 15th of February. This gives everyone plenty of time to get into position before distribution starts. There is no advantage to being in early, everyone will be treated the same. This is purely to ensure people don’t miss out, it’s as fair as possible, and you can mitigate the cost of gas by choosing a time when gas costs are relatively low (if there is such a thing!).

It is possible to stake a mixture of tokens; there is a limit of $USD 10k per wallet per token to deter whales. This has been based on prices on the 12th of Feb. Therefore you may find you can stake more or less than 10k depending on the recent performance of the token.

Before the end of the 90 day period we intend to launch our first projects. So even before the end of distribution there will be a use case for the token — how this works will be the subject of another article entitled Launchpool Staking Phase 2


Are tokens locked?

Tokens can be added and removed whenever you wish, staking is non-custodial — meaning they always remain under your control

Can POLS and PAID tokens be used in their ecosystems whilst staked?When a token is staked it is moved from your wallet to the staking contract, therefore it cannot be used to register in POLS or PAID at the same time as being staked

Does $LPOOL get sent to our wallets?

$LPOOL must be claimed from the contract after it has been accrued from your staking endeavour. You can simply do this by hitting the ‘claim $LPOOL’ button. There is no forfeit for doing this and it does not unstake your staked tokens. $LPOOL you have earned is then free to go and be staked in the $LPOOL pools!

Can I stake SHR BEP2 and Thorchain native tokens?

No, only ERC20 versons of the tokens can be staked

How to Earn $LPOOL

Launchpool will distribute their token via staking pools.

Link to staking: **[staking.launchpool.xyz**](http://staking.launchpool.xyz/)

Staking will open for the public on the 15th of February.

Distribution of our token will start on the 22nd of February.

The token contract address will be posted here when it has been created. Currently our token does not exist and any references to it are false.

Why hold the Launchpool token?

$LPOOL is staked on the platform to register interest in the projects launching on the platform. By doing this $LPOOL provides the holder 4 key benefits

1. Access to projects at the earliest rounds, enabling investors to access best prices without the associated minimum capital threshold reserved for investment funds.

2. Investment through a regulatory compliant means.

3. Peace of mind investments are made into bona fide projects that have been vetted on a number of levels.

4. Chance to become a meaningful part of new project’s communities.

How does staking work?

Staking is a process whereby the user ‘stakes’ their tokens into a smart contract. The process is simple, you authorise the contract to view the tokens in your wallet. Once done you can then stake. The tokens remain under your control and can be withdrawn at any time. Distribution will last 90 days starting on February 22nd.

How much Launchpool token is available?

We have chosen to give away 25% of our total tokens during the initial distribution to the public to bootstrap our community. These tokens will be earned as reward for staking other projects’ tokens.

What other projects?

We have chosen projects whose community we believe would like to become a part of Launchpool’s community. These projects and tokens are:

1inch: 1inch.exchange ($1INCH) Bondly: bondly.finance ($BONDLY) Rune: thorchain.org (ERC20 $RUNE) Uniswap: uniswap.info ($UNI) Polkastarter: polkastarter.com($POLS) Sushi : sushiswap.fi ($SUSHI) ShareRing: sharering.network ($SHR) Standard Tokenization Protocol: stp.network ($STPT) PAID Network: paidnetwork.com ($PAID)

Looking for more information...

WebsiteExplorerExplorer 2Source CodeSocial ChannelSocial Channel 2Message BoardCoinmarketcap

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